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Old 1 Week Ago

I have been driven nuts by my social anxiety before (missing out on a lot of stuff) but this takes the cake.

I began at a new school a few weeks ago and even though the school has like it's own internal social network, the chemistry lecturer literally forced us to create facebook accounts and become part of his "chemistry class group".

There he posts various updates and homework, so I check in once a day. When I logged in, I saw a message from a girl in class: "are you a charged atom?" I responded with a short "nope."

Like a day later, she responds to my last message, and I quote what she said: "because I've got my +ion you :-)" I didn't respond at all, I won't even look towards her now, I'm way too socially anxious for this sh1t.

I wish I wasn't.

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Old 1 Week Ago
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its a good thing. you'll get used to it after a while even if its uncomfortable at first . its good your teacher is encouraging you all to interact on social media. Maybe you'll make some friends with other students .

.......OR you can just be miserable about the situation. its up to you. personally I think the first option is better.

its actually really important to communicate with other students in your class. For example, theres something going on in one of my college classes currently where the instructor is being really inconsistent with the course material, study resources and he isn't giving adequate feedback about grades. also, the online modules arent working properly . iv been emailing back and forth with three other students who are also experiencing the exact same problems and we're considering sending a group email to our advisors AND the department head if the instructor doesnt address these issues . One of the students I'm talking to has a 4.0 so far and she doesnt want to have her GPA go down just because the instructor in this class is screwing up.
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Old 1 Week Ago
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If you realize that you could have responded differently, maybe next time try to give it a few minutes before replying. It would have been a good chance to say something like "I'm whatever you want me to be", or something flirty of the sort.

Or after she said she had her eye on you, you could have said "really? I've had both my eyes on you for a while". Yes, it's anxiety-inducing, but I bet it'll do wonders for your ego.
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