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Old 11-19-2007
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Where do i start, i just feel so down and miserable most of the time, i feel down and unhappy for no apparent reason, i can be fine one day and so low the next. I wake up some days and just want to stay in bed, not because im lazy, but i find it soo hard some times to get through the day, its a struggle. Ii have a wonderful partner, but even he is getting sick of my moods and unhappiness, he has already said he is going to walk out if i dont change. Ii was on anti deppressants for a while, but i came off them as they made me have hot sweats. My partner says i am going off the rails, i said i would go to the doctors again, but he says i dont need to, which confuses me even more. My moods and unhappiness are affecting everyone around me, my kids avoid me if they can when they know im on a downer. I often go to m bedroom and just sleep, i could sleep all the time. I often get suicidel and wonder if things would be better if i wasnt here, bad i know, but i cant help how i feel, life just feels un bearable somedays, well most days. This weekend has been a nightmare and i have been crying most of it, locked myself away in my room, i feel it may be time to go and get some more help, i want to be happy and feel normal like everybody else, i want my family to be happy with me and give them a happy home, but i feel like im loosing the plot. Does anyone know where im coming from, advice would be really great...
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Old 11-19-2007

Sorry to hear you are feeling like this nightingale.

First off, eat healthier, do some exercise every day, and do something you enjoy every day, even if it's just for 5 minutes. This sounds simple but can improve your mood loads.

Second, don't feel bad for feeling bad! It is not your fault this thing has sprung on you. Your partner is not understanding what you are going through--sounds to me he thinks you're feeling down and you just need to 'snap out of it', that's why he says you don't need pills. But you cannot just snap out of it and lots of people go through this you are not 'going off the rails!' lol

Thirdly, I think you probably do need some sort of help--don't listen to your partner only YOU know how you feel, and suicidal thoughts show you are depressed. You can either go to the doctors and try anti-depressants which can help alot with some people. Or you can try herbal remedies *waits for okk to spring in with his link* :wink:
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Old 11-19-2007
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yey! herblage linky! - its the happiness support blend btw

Also nightingale make sure you get at least one good laugh in thoughout the day, watch something hilarious - standup or comedy show etc etc...
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