how to make certain dry or driclor=part 2


I made a youtube video called how to make certain dry or driclor=part 2
making driclor is simple driclor is 20 percent aluminum chloride hexahydrate. so to buy it you can google aluminum chloride hexahydrate ALCL3 6H20. Or google laboratory supply. I buy 500g so with the bottle of driclor I use a knife and cut the side of the bottle. then bend sides out use butter knife. then stick small screw in push the ball out to make driclor mix 2 liquid 50 % alcohol 50% vinegar. for 80 ml of liquid you put 20g aluminum chloride hexahydrate of heat in the microwave get the liquid just little warm. 25grams of aluminum chloride hexahydrate. I got a small scale on aliexpress for $3 AUS mix it then pour in the bottle