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Old 08-15-2005
kattness's Avatar
Intermediate User

Im sure you all have seen these death posts alot from other people.
But im 100% trusthfully willing to now,unlike before.
I cant handle life anymore,of no one giving a **** about me.i have no one and it hurts so much.

ive been depressed for years,had afew abuseive relationships and got into drugs because of it....ive kicked the drugs,apart from drinking.
i know i have a drinking problem but i cant stop....its impossible.

i see my life going no one,no matter what i try or do.

i guess the reason im posting this is because i need other peoples advice on this,i dont beleive people who post these "suicide posts" have any doubts about this,or they would just do it.

i have doubts,i guess i just want things better, but fail to see any hope..... and hope is a horrible thing to lose.

i really am willing to do this tonight, im so tired of being me,i know things wont change or i will magically get someone to understand me.

sorry if its hard to understand i word things badly.

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Old 08-15-2005
thugaveli's Avatar
Intermediate User

I was in the same position as you, i just wanted to die because of not being able to get into a relationship and having the security and affection that most people take for granted

I found alcohol exagerated my feelings to the extreme of suicide, i couldn't handle all the feelings and in reality it was the alcohol causing a lot of it
I think if you kick the alcohol in the teeth, then prepare yourself to do some kind of activity to take your mind off being so alone, even just having my mum around me solved this even though i still want a relationship i just don't make that extremly important

When your wanting a relationship so bad and you fail it will more than likely keep happening, most times they come unexpectedly
Try and work on liking yourself and self worth before you actually go into a relationship, i know its so hard being in the position your in i know what its like its ''CRAZY!!!''

I do hope you feel better soon, and you have our support
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Old 08-15-2005
black_mamba's Avatar
Elite User

Originally Posted by kattness
i guess the reason im posting this is because i need other peoples advice on this,i dont beleive people who post these "suicide posts" have any doubts about this,or they would just do it.
You have doubts because you posted this, you need advice and that prooves that you've at least overcome the first hurdle - realising you need help.

You feel like shit, everything is pointless. I understand, I think we all do (unfortunately).

I don't know what the official advice would be - helpline, doctors, godknowswhat. I know that if I were feeling that low, nothing but riding out the bad emotions would help.

I wish you all the best and hope this passes (it will!)...

Now, when are we gonna form that grunge band and take over the world??? :wink:
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Old 08-15-2005

I cant really add much more that hasnt already been said in the previous posts.Just that i hope you manage to struggle on,i know things might seem shitty now, but if you give up then you have no chance of the better days ahead that you deserve.

Best wishes mate, hope the situation improves for you.

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Old 08-15-2005
LittleMissScareAll's Avatar
Expert User

I know exactly how you feel...suicide goes through my mind every day, multiple times. I've never tried but I might possibly if things get much worse than they already are. They've already gotten worse these past few months. I don't really know what else to say, but I hope you feel better
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Old 08-15-2005
Sue's Avatar
Intermediate User

there is always an option other then suicide.

every single decision you make is yours

the answer is hard to find but its not hidden forever

im sorry you feel this way i wish there was more i could do

but no one on this planet can control your thoughts

they are yours and no one else has them

you have the power to change them....

sorry if i sound like an idiot
i hope you find the way through
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Old 08-15-2005
crazyfairyx's Avatar
Expert user
Expert User

Honey if you did ever commit suicide things never could get better, the only way you remove every opportunity for happiness is if you kill yourself. Cos nothing can get better if you're dead.

I've been in bad relationships too, but if I had commited suicide when I wanted to, I would never have met the guy I'm with now, just thinking about never meeting him is enough to upset me.

Things can only get better while you're still alive, what makes you happy? There must be something, snuggling down on the sofa with a huge quilt and a chick flick. Having a big, hot bubble bath with candles.

Let us know how you're doing hun

Naomi x
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Old 08-16-2005
ColdFury's Avatar
Intermediate User

Things can only get better while you're still alive
No, they can get worse.
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Old 08-16-2005

Originally Posted by ColdFury
Things can only get better while you're still alive
No, they can get worse.
na but theres a possibilty it CAN get better, cuz nuffin gon change if u dead. only get 1 life remember that. but life has highs n lows.

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Old 08-16-2005
Yossarian's Avatar
Expert User

I'm sorry to hear you are so low. However if it is being alone that is the problem it can be remedied.
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Old 08-16-2005
kattness's Avatar
Intermediate User

just wanna thank you all for answering.

lucky for me my ex boyfriend came round, took afew hours of talking me out of it,but he resured me he wouldnt leave.
i didnt believe him at first as it was a guy i had a very bad realationship with,but he never left.

It was scary,i was so fixed on it....i still am infact, me and him have made peace with our issues and he swore hes gonna be a friend which to me is weird.

i still feel the same,il give "life" another chance but im still fixed on doing it.i know nothin will get better though,but at the same time i feel lucky i have someone,maybe not the best or nicest person but its someone.

cheers people,sorry for the post i just needed another peoples p.o.v on this. inna weird way i now feel i let you all down by not doing it :?
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Old 08-17-2005
Invisible_Alien's Avatar
Newbie User

I know what its like to be hanging onto the edge of a bottomless pit. It seems like you can never find the strength to try to climb to the top. Why bother trying to get out when just letting go and falling to the bottom seems like the solution. Letting go is never the solution. By letting go you will never see the sunrise again, even if it's black as night. For some living is running through the meadow smelling the daisies. For others like us, it's the struggle to find the strength to climb out of the pit and reach level ground. You may think that if you end it all no one will miss you. Trust me, you're wrong. There will always be someone. Even if you have no friends than someone in your family will miss you. I have lost more than one person I loved to suicide. I'm sure they didn't realize how much I'd miss them when they did it. Believe me they were wrong. They fell into the pit of hopelessness and were swallowed by the demon of despair. Because of their decisions the pit they fell into will now be inside of me forever. Even though that pit is there I still long for the day that the sun will rise again, even though it seems like the night will never end. But I know that there will be light again. Someday. I somehow find the strength to wait another day.
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Old 08-19-2005
maria's Avatar
Newbie User

HELLO, Im new on this forum and read your post. I have felt alone most of my life, and I am not going to lie to you and say all the things you want to here because i want to keep it real. Your going to have good days, bads days and probley many more. God knows I have and I STRUGGLE everyday. Life is like a game some you win and some you lose. You are the only persoon who can get you from point A to point B through out your life. You want to make it beter than takes some baby steps to do so. If the people in your relationships was abusive than they really aint anyone you need to take your life over. You cant let anyone beat you. Dont also beat yourself up, I am sure they did anough of that for you. I was with a guy that abused me for 6 years, and that was one of the
most messed up times I had. Also my sister passed away, and over top of that I am housebound. Been this way most of my life. There isnt to many people that understand that around here, but thats ok cause life is fuc... up. Its what you make it. Dont ever let anyone decide your fate. Everyone needs to hit rock botom sometimes to bounce back up. Do you have any hobbies? Please reply back, Im not writting this just to be nice, I just know how it feels to be alone, maybe we could help each other. Please tell me more when your ready. MARIA
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Old 08-19-2005
Boundless's Avatar
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Dont feel like that,i also get lonely with my problems and allways looking for new people to chat to - if anyone would like to talk add [email protected]
wouldnt mind meeting some new people(beats the whole 1 friend i have in the real world)

Life can seem bad,but theres allways a solution(quote from support worker)
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