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Old 07-18-2012

After reading some posts on other forums I bought some phenibut on ebay, it really does work wonders.
My first time I used 2g and gave me that drunk confidence but my mind was still clear and my body was more active most of the time go very slow on my moutainbike because it gives me anxiety because of the higher heart beat, but now I could go as fast I can and still feel pretty normal...good supplement made me feel like used to be before my anxiety disorder, its better then benzodapine which make you just slow in thinking and anti-social on benzos I don't even feel the need to talk.

I also tried magical mushrooms with some friends.

I was banned for some strange reason for making a topic about it if anyone here had tried it. Why is here on this site everything forbidden that is a little bit controversial it is not only stupid but also wrong, the whole internet is full of it you can simply typ in google a forbidden topic subject and get millions of hits websites talking about that forbidden subject preventing it here is not only stupid but also wrong, its not good to forbid sudden subjects because its a taboo for some people with a stuck mind and may prevent people from getting good help may it be suicidal thoughts or magical mushrooms etc. what better help can you get then from people with the same condition and problems....then from some crappy hotline women or psychologist who doens't know f uck about how it feels like to live with a anxiety disorder

and with the mushrooms themself is really stupid: File:HarmCausedByDrugsTable.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
see that list ? it lowest on the scale are we gonna forbid also talking about smoking cigarrets and alcohol ?? which are far more dangerous then the mushrooms or any other psychedelic drugs like truffes are mostly legal in many countries and with millions hits on the web, its sounds very stupid to forbid this also....I don't know the website host/moderator come from america or not but if it is then it makes sense, america is the land of forbidding things that are not harmfull to people or society only because a bunch of conservative rednecks who seem stuck in there thinking even if all the evidence proves otherwise.
It also may lead some people to go to other social anxiety disorder forums where you can speak freely about medications which are helpfull and the negative and postive side effects are discussed without getting banned for it.

But now my experience with the truffles (almost the same to magical mushrooms)

I tried it with some friends and they all had a good trip with hallucinations (me not),
for my depression it really did do wonders.
I tried first 7.5g beginners dose didn't work no hallucinations then I tried 15g almost the most strongest dose mostly used by experience users also didn't work no hallucinations whatsoever maybe because of the antidepressants, psychedelic drugs go on the same receptors for serotine as do antidepressants. But when I was on it I was very happy but now still after a week I noticed that deep depression is suddenly gone the emptiness which I was used to it for years is also almost gone I think because of the years of sa&gad thinking so low about my self so strong that I became empty inside now with the mushrooms
it seems that I have lost a part of that negative ego....recent studies also confirm that its really good for depression even better then the medication do, it decreases the blood flow and oxygen to certain parts of the brain which are responsible for depression.
For me I can only say it has reduced my depression significantly.
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