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Old 04-03-2004
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I give advice to everyone on this website...however, I am always hesitant to tell you what is happening in my life....Well, here it goes.
I think Melissa likes me. I'm very sure I like her.
Last week, she said to me that she has left her ex-boyfriend. They had an amicable break-up....and still hang-out together....which really still freaks me out....I mean is this guy's heart torn apart? Wow, he really must be a strong person.
Anyway, Melissa and I have been meeting in the library to study lately.l...on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Last time that we met she wrote on her computer/screen-saver, "Isn't good to love somebody?"And I said, "So when is the last time you talked to Tom?" >If you don't know who Tom is you can find out by reading, "My Problem with Women" listed in this forum (It's just too long to describe). She replied, "I haven't spoke to him in one week...and it's not him that I was talking about.....I stayed quiet but I felt/hoped it was me she was talking about.
Each time, that we meet in the library. She brings me food. Usually, my stomach is growling. I thank her because she is very thoughtful like that.
Last week, she had a report and a class presentation that she had to prepare. She was stressed out. It was painful for me because I like to fix things and when my friends are upset....I try to make things better for them....when the situtation doesn't get better, I get upset and frustrated also. (Unfortunately, I couldn't help her this time!) Well, I snapped at Melissa in the cafeteria and she walked away from the table we were sitting. It was really uncomfortable. She came back though like nothing happened and changed the subject. I felt bad.
The next day, I appologized over the phone (left a message on her cell phone). The following day I saw her in class. After class, I gave her a small portable stapler (Her stapler broke on the day that I snapped at her.) And she had a very surprised look on her face and she said thanks in the nicest way. I think she was blushing. I couldn't help but smile.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, people. This Tues is her birthday. I am planning to sing Happy Birthday to her over the phone (She does the same to all her friends on their birthday).
Well, that's all for now. I just hope that this is not the final chapter of this fairly confusing saga. Do all relationships start this confusing? This she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not-she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not is totally confusing me. I guess I'll just have to tolerate it.
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Old 04-03-2004
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Go man!!!
From what you have said. She definitely likes you and perhaps more. Don't leave it to long to give her a hug and kiss. From a quiet outside observer looking in, it appears to me that she is giving you strong hints that she would like more. Go for it matey!! Slowly of cause..
Keep us informed. Good luck she sounds wonderfull. SEnd her some flowers... What the hell...

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Old 04-05-2004
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Thank you for the encouragment. One thing that I know and accept about myself is that I'm slow. Giving flowers or making a poem freaks me out. I can probably do it but then I know that I will retreat from her.....It's like then I feel that I'll have to top that....and that I'll need to top that...I'm not having fun or enjoying her company....I thinking how to impress and worring if I'll get rejected....Even now just typing this I getting heart palpitations.......I need to relax. I need not to think too much. I need a beer (and I don't even like beer).

I guess you can see I'm nervous. Yup, I'm freaking out.
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