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    Desperately need advice.

    I'm 20 and I met my fiancé 2 years ago he's 34. (Let's just call him B) My mom was dating his brother from Ohio (I'm from Wisconsin) and that's how I met him. She Jon, and his brother and his mom to come live with us because they were all addicted to heroin They stayed for a month and after...
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    In love with my professor...

    As the title says... I'm in love with my teacher. When I first saw him I right away noticed how attracted I was to him, but it wasn't until after being around him and hearing him so often that I realized I was in love with him. I've never been "in love" with anyone before.. and it's really...
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    College..Advice? Thoughts?

    Ok, it's been a while since I've been on this site so I'm sorry if this is not cohesively written..and I'll try to summarize as much as possible. I'm 18 and have never been to high school. In September I started to take online classes. My plan was to wait until I turned 18 so that I could get...
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    Lots of drama today. My mom's ex came over here at 3 in the morning pounding on the door, my mom let him come in, she told me he needed a place to crash because.. I don't know why exactly,.. last I knew he had an apartment. A few days earlier he was texting my mom all these creepy messages about...
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    My "Friend" just came to pick up her baby London.. It's weird, we're not really friends anymore so I don't know what to call her, by now I'm sure she knows that I've been avoiding her on purpose. It's so awkward because we've been friends forever (And I mean forever, our moms served in the army...
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    What are your thoughts on this video?

    I recently came across this guys videos and I've only watched about 6 or 7 so far but for the most part I agree with everything he has had to say in all of the videos I've seen. I desperately want to share each and every single one of the videos and get everyone's opinion on them but of course...
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    Post your art

    I painted this one with a nasty crayola paint set and brush(except for the gold of course, that's wall paint) but it turned out better than I thought it would so yay. I literally have a 3 foot stack of old paintings I should seriously get rid of haha.
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    Childhood Picture Thread

    This is little chubby me. and ik it's irrelevant but this is my mom when she was little, I never noticed until I looked at all these pictures that there's a pattern here for generations. I miss the innocence and the happiness. looking at all these childhood pictures makes me sad because I...
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    Show me your PUPPIES!!!

    I've had dozens of cats over the years but we moved so much we had to give most of them away. I've only had two dogs in my life. my mom gave them away while I was at my dads because we got into an argument and I miss them very very very much!! This is my cat Lady muffintop whom I have right now...
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    I've decided to start this journal because, of late, I desperately need to vent, and have no one to vent to.(including my family, their not the touchy, feely, sharing type) Plus I feel comfortable knowing the internet is like a curtain I can hide behind so my privacy doesn't feel invaded at all...
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    Post your art

    I'm pretty sloppy and have to look at a picture almost every time to get inspiration. I wish I had original ideas and could paint realistic things like scenery or something lol.
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    Ok so a little over a month ago I left another school because...:omg:..a boy gave me a ride home. I know, I know, its the dumbest reason in the whole wide world, but as soon as someone wants to start talking to me and I can't avoid them anymore I just panic and run. I took my dads car and headed...
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    Who are your favorite YouTubers?

    I don't usually watch YouTube, but I've been needing a bit of a pick me up lately. A couple of my favorite youtubers that I watch often are leahmouse (her vlogs usually) and desandnate (or any of their other various channels) hailedabear,... Smosh is pretty funny too sometimes, I like their "if...
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    How to handle embarrassment?

    Another rant- A few days ago a new student started at my school, he's very nice and cute, but he also is friends with pretty much everyone at school, which I find really intimidating (as if the opposite sex didn't scare me enough already). Anyway for the past couple of days he kept asking me...
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    does anyone feel like they're living the same day over again?

    Lately I've been feeling like everyday that I'm living is almost the same as the previous one. Wake up, go to school(which is very very brief), someone has to ask me how I am while im trying to work, I reply "good" every time,(which is pretty much the highes capacity of my socialization for the...