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    Post your picture thread

    I'm posting my old avatar as my contribution. Tonight is the first time I've posted here in years, and I forgot what my avatar was. I laughed when I saw it tonight. I don't really look much like that.
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    Experience with Nardil or Parnate?

    I'm replying tonight, a bit late maybe. My input may be too late to be of any help to you. I've used both Nardil and Parnate. Nardil worked quite well for me, Parnate not as much. Not many side effects except insomnia. Should work within a couple weeks--I can't remember. At the time (Nardil), I...
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    How are you feeling?

    I'm feeling OK. As long as I can isolate, I do OK. But then there is the depression that comes with isolation. So it goes. I'm older..much older. And I've lived alone for about 40 years. Gainfully employed for long periods. In 2015-2016, I was in crisis and was in a psych ward on and off. I...
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    Anybody Familiar With GAF Testing For SPia or Depression?

    I'm wondering if anybody has any familiarity with Global Assessment Of Functioning (GAF) testing and how effective it is in accurately categorizing a person's actual functioning as a so-called "normal" person. I didn't know GAF testing existed until it bit me. Disclosure: I've applied for...
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    Fear Of Intimacy

    Hi all, I'm hoping that passing on information of this type is allowed. I haven't read and have no personal experience with this book. But I assume that there are people here who are struggling with intimacy issues as I have all my life. I stumbled across the following APA book: Fear of...
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    Having A Real Problem Answering This Question

    This may sound frivilous, but this question, or rather my inability to answer it, has troubled me for some time. I ask it as a life-long depressed, SPic. As I've grown older, the question seems more pressing, more urgent, and worst of all more relevant to me. The question: What makes people...
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    Psychiatrist from Hell!

    Anybody ever run into one? A couple weels ago, I saw the counseler for iniitial consultation. Pretty good. He seemed to ask the right questions. I mentioned suicidal thoughts, severe depression. Sensing that I may be a more at-risk patient than many, he arranged for me to see a psychitrist in a...
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    Can it be true?

    Can't believe there are people here at 5:00 AM, but it's no doubt a more reasonable time elsewhere. Can't sleep. SPia kept me awake most of night due to some things I must attend to today involving major life decisions I don't want to make and which could turn out disasterously. I find this...