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    Hello.i need someone to talk to

    Hello new zealanders. I am not from new zealand but i heard lots of good things in your country. I do hope i can have someone to ask to. Since i am planning to visit and probably live there someday. Thanks. :)
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    Blushing like a tomato

    Did you blush when someone teases you or you were embarassed? My situation is just like that.
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    Funny stories..let's laugh :)

    Me and my boyfriend went on out-of -town date. It was cold then. We agreed to dip our bodies on hot springs. It was a beautiful place with no roof or cover only the hot spring with fences sorrounding it. Of course, there are many people some were foreigners. Above, bats were flying all over. i...
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    Anyone who has worst scenario of SA attack?

    Hello. Since i am just new to this site, i would like to ask anyone here who had experienced the worst SA attack ever in your entire life ,what was it, how do you describe your feelings that moment and how did you manage to deal or atleast gradually calmed yourself with the situation? ..Mine...
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    A newbie : Afraid to be rejected

    You know,that feeling when you desire so much about such thing to happen. You got knowledge and passion but .. Still cannot stop worrying about what will happen next. I am a nurse by profession , a fresh one to be exact,but still dealing the world of social anxiety. I can't perform so well .I...