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Old 4 Weeks Ago

Part of my issue with Agoraphobia is my fear of cars. I was in a car when it caught on fire. Ever since then, I felt very uncomfortable being in them. This was a good 6 years ago. I am ashamed to admit it really. The thought of being in a car terrifies me. Even with my panic issues, I was still able to be in a car but after that fire... It just scares me.

Anyone else experience this? Have you gotten past it?
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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I'd say you're not an irregular person. I got a phobia once of something and then after a while it went away so you're still in good luck that it can go away and even better you can try a counselor to let it out, good luck with your recovery!
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Old 4 Weeks Ago
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I know someone who 100% stopped getting on buses because one time the door closed while she was getting in and she was stuck for a few seconds.

I think it's a matter of thinking of the odds of something happening. What are the odds of a car bursting into flames while you're in it? Extremely low. I'd suggest going on very short trips at first, and then longer and longer trips until it doesn't bother you anymore.
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