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Old 03-19-2004
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You know I have had problems my whole life. I was always the different kid who was severely neglected and never got his needs met. I never learned how to do alot of the things a normal kid would. Of course I was officially tested as being a 'brilliant' kid with a high IQ. Knowledge got me nowhere in life. It was all the simple unanalyzed things in life that kept people looking happy to me. I sucked the fun right out of most things. Negativity. It wasnt until 10 years ago I started to understand what had happened to me. It has taken me that much time to really disassemble myself enough to see what had happened to me in life that made me eventually stay indoors all the time, develop seperation anxiety w/ my wife, panic so much that I cant hold a job very long. I have narrowed it down to one simple word. FEAR. Again, FEAR. I believe that, yes, it cant be traumatic for a child to face a fear but the fear disappears and they see that theyre safe and confidence is gained, a sense of pride, and theyre ready to tackle another one. Sometimes they have to be exposed to that fear more than once to get rid of it. I was always yanked away too soon. I lived with a negative family. Anyway to make things short, I have decided to make this summer a time of change. To do things thats I have feared for life. Learn to swim, learn to skate, public speak at least once, sky-dive, ride a horse, get on a roller coaster. Maybe these things will boost some confidence. We shall see. What do you think of this idea??
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Old 03-26-2004
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i think thats a very good idea and i know it will work for you.
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Old 11-05-2004
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I think you're very brave and hope you do get to do all those things you say.... the public speaking one, would be my hell... I really hope it all goes good for you... you're so right about the fear
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Old 11-05-2004

Its an excellent idea, i'm in the process of doing it anyways. Though i've had a few set backs but I have also had a few triumphs!!
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Old 11-26-2004
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How it goes? :?:
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Old 12-18-2004
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Fair play to you mate.

I have adopted a similar attitude and am in the process of carrying it out. My goals may seem simple to anyone else but have been difficult for me:

> Joining the gym (Improve own appearance)
> Joining a martial arts class (Confidence)
> Make the effort to so******e more (Avoidance is a catalyst for anxiety)

I admire you and wish you all the best with it.
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