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Old 11-09-2017

Hi I've been taking benzos for nearly 2 years on a daily basis ( although I did take a 6 week break). I've tried Valium (up to 40mg: max dose), Lorazepam (up to 10mg), Prazepam/Lysanxia (60mg/ 120 drops)

I didn't start at those doses I started at low doses & worked my way up to the maximum doses ( on a few days I took more than the maximum dose). The only popular benzos I haven't tried are Klonopin & Xanax (Well I have tried Xanax but I only took max 1.5mg).

When I started taking benzos I felt high/sedated but now for last 3-4 months whenever I take a benzo (even the maximum dose like 10mg of Lorazepam or 40mg of Valium) I don't feel anything it doesn't work.

So I'm tapering down on the benzo I'm currently taking ( Prazepam) then I'll quit taking benzos for a while until my tolerence goes down to normal cause right now my tolerence is very high which explains why benzos aren't working for me.

So I need some advice once I start taking benzos again what can I do to avoid building up a tolerence?? If you can share your expereiences ( for those who been taking benzos long term) how do you keep your tolerence low??

I think my tolerence is sky high cause I've been taking benzos everyday instead of maybe every 3 days. Also I take a single dose all in one go I don't take 2-3 doses throughout the day.

So if I take small doses 3 times a day every 3 days not everyday would my tolerence stay low??

I need your advice on how to avoid getting a high tolerence to benzos??
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