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Old 03-23-2007
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Well , the story was about a teacher I have , "Mr. Stone." which i actually spoke about in one of my first threads I made here a few months ago.

Since then: I've been dumped by that girl that made me feel so great, and I've kinda moped around for a few months. But.. Here's the thread.



This past monday, I walk into my gym class, as usual.. my friend Steven is having a problem with something and I walk up and began talking to him, asking him what was up and telling him to calm down and getting flustered over something wasn't worth it..

My gym teacher walks up and basically started a whole batch of stuff..
him: eric, stop running your mouth and putting ideas in his head.
me: i wasn't. i was simply calming him down, he's more likely gunna listen and hear it from another student over a staff member when he's angry.
him: i don't care, jackass. shut your mouth and walk away.

so the teacher walks away after swearing at me like that.

five min later, guess who comes back.

him: eric, i told you to stop talking to steve. go sit by the wall.
me: whatever dude. sorry for caring about one of my close friends.

about two minutes into leaning over by the other wall on the other side of our gym, my friend Sean walks up.

s: hey what's wrong
me: nothing dude, i'm just stressed out and let down with a lot of things in my life right now nd this ain't helping.

then, my gym teacher walks up and interrupts me halfway through a sentence and says to sean "hey don't make the big baby cry about stuff."

soo.. i react by telling him to shut his trap and i was sick of harassment.

him: no it isn't harrassment, i'm doing my job.
me: calling me a big baby because i cry when i get mad sometimes instead of just hauling off and nailing someone in the face is so bad, right?
him: don't speak to me like that.
me: i am in this school for a reason and you're pushing me isn't helping.
him: i'm innocent on this. you caused it urself u big baby.

so, right at that point, i needed to vent off my anger, because it built up and i felt myself snapping and i walk over to a 3.5" metal doors we have in our gym at each corner, walked to 1 corner and just punched the door as hard as i possibly could, not caring if it hurt me or not.

he goes

him: so u can hit a door huh? big man u are.
me: better than you. i don't need a free ride in a cop car.
him: ya ur being immature. grow up.
me: dude, screw you. stop harassing me.
him: you even know what that word means, eric?
me: whatever you ****ing nazi im done. *walks away*

then he yells "if u go out that gym door you have a detention."..

i still had anger , and it was either just keep walking out that door and down into the office to teh dean's office, or turn around and walk up and take swings on him. i chose the first of the two.

So, this last tuesday..

we're doing badminton in gym, and me and my friend steve from the day before i was calming down, were playing. teacher walks over. "you're not hitting it right." when i clearly was, as i'm into that sport quite a bit. i don't do it outside of school, but it's one of the more fun things in my opinion. anyway, i just walked away from him because i didn't need problems and he kept following me and i said 'look dude stop trying to create a ****ing problem. back off. don't give me any static over this.' and he did.

then on the way out the gym before lunch, i hear him make a remark "fatty over there decided to get in my face today" to the other gym teacher. i called him a commy right there just to piss him off..

and then made a cruel remark to him (which i would feel bad for but after five years of not piping up too much, i really didn't care to be nice.) and said "dude if i was your wife or daughter i'd kill myself cuz i sure wouldnt wanna deal with you.'

about an hour later, i went to the office to get my meds from the nurse, and i see him in there and i walk past with my right arm straight out and yelled right in his face "SEIG HEIL NAZI?'' and he took me to the dean's office, and she said she could suspend me for it, and i said 'well fire this ******* and we won't have a problem.'

yeah , i know i'm wrong in the end for saying that stuff to him, but what can i really do? i'm going to board of education more than likely before the end of the year and bringing up this issue to one of those rep's who can help me.

what can i say/do to get this horrible person to leave me alone so i don't have any more anger issues .. the past few night,s i think about this shit and i cry. it takes alot to get me to cry , i'm a tuff kid.

what would you do ? any input is very much appreciated.

Things i *have* done.tuesday. brought this all up to my dean. she said she agreed with how i felt up until i got to the part i called the teacher a fascist/communist/nazi/worthless piece of shit/whatnot.

wednesday. brought this to the principal's attention. she put me at fault (Again. they're defending teachers because they're on a ****ing payroll.)
the most they offered is a "mediation."-social worker/principal present, and me and the teacher.

i told my mom about this , she thinks it's bs.

when this happened monday, my teacher called my stepfather and told him "eric had a problem with a staff member today."
my stepdad asked:
him: was it stone?
her: yes. how'd you know
him: it's an ongoing problem. he's an ******* to my stepson for no reason.
her: well eric called him a nazi.
him: then he should leave eric the **** alone and stop being a punk of a teacher. (keep in mind, my stepfather is very well-disciplined. was in the navy for eight years, has add like i do, has had the same shit happen in some ways, and hasn't had all the best life and he was bullied too when he was younger, so he knows this shit.)
her: well that's not the point.
him: yes, it is. if he left eric alone, he'd be fine!
her: whatever.
him: g2g. /click.

that's what he told me was said, word for word.

i just need an out in this situation, i don't know what to do and im depressed as shit because of a ******* teacher. i've cried at least twice a day for the past 5 days straight . somethin's gotta give.
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Old 03-23-2007
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Your gym teacher sounds like some **** and he's clearly in the wrong. From what you've said he has been antagonistic, childish and has also been abusing his position of authority.

I would say however that you should react better to the situation. You should refrain from cursing at him or giving him any ammmunition against you, when he talks to your principal. And it goes without saying that you should avoid getting detention or getting punished for this situation in any way.

What you should do however is to calmly report your teachers behaviour to the head of your school and if you have a class tutor, to her/him too. Remarks such as "fatty" or "cry baby" are extremely unprofessional and demoralising when coming from someone in a position such as your teachers.

I would say that you should just aim to be the bigger man in this and view him for the petty bully that he is. Don't lose your cool and give him excuses for what he does. Calmly report his behaviour for being unacceptable, knowing that you're right to do so.

Good luck!!
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Old 03-25-2007
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This guy shouldn't be teaching. I would turn him in. I remember when my brother was in Jr High he had an verbally abusive math teacher. This teacher has been allowed to do this for 20 years, until my mother called the school social worker. The social worker went and stood outside his door to listen to what was going on and she caught him being abusive. The teacher was fired right on the spot and he also was barred from working as a teacher.
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Old 06-05-2007
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Physical Education Teachers: all brawn and no brains. The ******* should be fired on the spot! :twisted:
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