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Did your van get washed down the river?
I can't watch the monkey video in that thread, it makes my browser crash. It won't even allow me to watch it on YouTube. Can you post the link here?
Sure! maybe it's better if i post the link
. BTW i just saw the Barnes and Barnes video, why the f...didnt i get any notification back then? it's from february lmao. Lol looks like one of those creepy videos from deep web (back when it was a thing) like "obey the walrus"!

Place the "H" before: ttps://
The video works fine on this page, I thought it might. This tablet I'm using usually can't handle the video threads if there's more than 3 or 4 clips posted.

That fish heads clip was something I saw as a little kid, on a show called Turkey TV. It came on Nickelodeon a hundred years ago. XD Man, the eighties were something...
Happy to see you checking in -- even if it's just "liking" posts. 🙂 Logged in to over 30+ notifications and before I looked at it I'm just like, "Holy hell, someone was busy!" 🤣