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Old 05-04-2006

I started a new job on Tues at a car showroom. It very social and i thought i could handle it for some unknown reason (i always do until i start). Every time i speak to someone i go red and there lots of people who work there coming in and out and just wanting a chat / banter. When poeple come obver to me i can never think of anythign to say so if they don't say anything there is silence. I think they are starting to regret taking me on as the job needs a very confident person who can chat to people. If i could only get over the blushing then i think i would be half way there as that is the root of my problem. Any ideas on blushing or how to speak to people?

Oh and i'm due to go in an hour and am sooo scared, tempted to call in sick, lol.
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Old 05-04-2006
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youll improve with time, just try and relax, easy for me to say, and i can relate to your situation, being in hospitality you cant avoid people in their masses, its just intense and your put on the spot constantly, i never get used to it but it does make you stronger
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Old 05-04-2006

Most jobs start off like that give it a few weeks see if you improve. If its for a car showroom chances are you wont know much but you'll learn as the job progresses.

I worked in a call center where I was required to talk to people and try and sell them phones. At first I didnt have a clue what to say and for the first like 200 calls the people on the other end must have just thought I was a blumbling idiot, after a while it became easier and learn what to say and actually started selling stuff.

I think after a while gem you'll get used to talking to them and you'll know exactly what to talk about. If not you can always get another job.
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Old 05-04-2006
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I think you should wait for 1-2 weeks and see. It can be anxious in the beginning. If you understand that you can't do it after that,then leave it,you can't go on with sth if you're not feeling well.Some time ago,I started working as a receptionist,in a hotel. It was extremely anxious for me and I used to have headache all the time,especially when I had to do with money. I waited and understood that I really couldn't do it,so I left. After that,I started working as a secretary and I also felt very bad,but in that case it was temporary and I was OK later. So,wait a bit,there are things you get used to and things that you just can't do. Good luck
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Old 05-04-2006

What these other people have said is so true, 2-3 days isnt long enough to form a good view on it, who knows u might have a really good day soon and start to really like it. Every1 has jitters for the first few weeks, I know it took me about a month to settle in, but I had to carry on and it paid off cos now I am good at my job 8)
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Old 05-05-2006
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Hello, hello...

Dude, your in a car showroom! You have cars to talk about. When someone walks in just say "hello." Ask them how their day is going. Don't worry about the color of your face. Worrying about that will just make you blush more. If you blush, fine... let yourself blush. But starting off the conversation with a hello and adding a smile opens up the door. Why don't you make a list of questions to topics you can say to people? And just repeat those to every new person that walks through the door? Or see what other say to help you get started.

Oh, the main point I'm almost forgetting... if they didn't think you could do the job, you would not have been hired to begin with! So don't think so negative. Any job that doesn't work out in the end, is another skill that you just gained for the next job!

Good Luck. Your going to do great!
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Old 05-10-2006

Thanx for the tips guys, its still going rubbish but i'll let you know in months time.

:P xx
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Old 05-10-2006

thats great tho, you have stuck at it, and i bet it has got easier.

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Old 05-10-2006

LOL its not got easier i'm afraid to say. The main problem is talking to work collegues. The majority of them are guys as its a car showroom. Today i got told they have noticed i blush and that they will probs make me do it more. I'm gonna see how long i can stick it for but i very much doubt it will be for more than a few weeks. Everyone is saying face your fears and try not to think about it but i can't not think abou t it if i'm aware its happening. who knows it may get better with time, thanx scatmantom

:P x
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Old 05-26-2006

Originally Posted by scatmantom
thats great tho, you have stuck at it, and i bet it has got easier.


Well i eat my words scatmantom! How much do i luv my job and how much easier has it got since my first week. I can chat to work collegues and customers like i don't have a care in the world and my blushing has calmed down alot. It still does happen on some occasions but i deal with it. I'm so glad i stuck with it and gave it time coz i feel that it has helped me alot. Its abit like CBT. In this job i am forced to deal with my worst fears and i cannot run away from them and it seems to have paid off. Hopefully things will carry on this way.

thanx for the advice everyone it worked !!!

xx :P
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