What are the sounds you love?

Spanish guitar, Pan flutes, Piano Ballads, Forest rain sounds, Sea Shore.
Robin Birds, Listening to my mom's voice she's so talented :).
The tune that plays inside the Temple of Time, in The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. Along with lots of other sounds and pieces of background music from that game, and Majora's Mask. The N64 Legend of Zelda games have always represented happier times for me.

Also, the sound that the engine many sports cars make. Especially the Ferrai Enzo. It's like music to me. ^W^


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- sea;
- rain;
- wind;
- thunder;
- birds;
- the sound of fire (burning wood or candle);
- piano;
- shakuhachi;
- kaval;
- synthesizers (love programming new sounds);
- nature in general;
- music in general (by others and by me);
- silence.
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Spanish guitar, Pan flutes, Piano Ballads, Forest rain sounds, Sea Shore.
Robin Birds, Listening to my mom's voice she's so talented :).

Can we also hear your mom's voice? :p
Your voice is great as well by the way :)

Anyway I love the summer mornings when the birds sing :)


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I like the sound of peace and quiet and nature. Eg. Outdoor sounds of the air/wind at 4 in the morning when everyone is sleeping and no cars or people around etc.


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tree crowns painting the sky with whispering wind brushes

Emu Wrens, Sooty Oystercatchers, Yellow tailed Black Cockatoos.

the sound of unseen distant cascades descending Cooroodooral Creek.

the roar of the crowd cheering Kerryn McCann to victory at the Commonwealth Games marathon

The sound of my father saying "lovely to hear your voice."
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Ocean waves
Flowing creeks/rivers
The "peeping" of frogs in the evening/night during the summer
Cooking food (Everything revolves around food with me ::p:)
Soft pop
Indie music
My aunt's voice (She had this South Jersey Italian voice. It was kinda unique and I loved it. Awesome woman, she was. I miss her)
My dad's accent and voice (He grew up in Wilmington, DE practically his whole life so he pronounces certain words in different ways. Idk, accents fascinate me. ::p:)
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The sounds of waterfalls and flowing streams.
Crickets at night.
Slow Violin or piano solos.
The sounds of horse hoofs on roads.


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I've never thought about this before!
SOUNDS is a hard one!
The sound of a piano, acoustic guitar, resonate guitar, southern sounds are comforting
The sound of being in an open space (Sound/feeling)
I've always found the sound of a horse walking really comforting. Don't ask me why, I've never rid a horse before!
The sound of a voice echoing against wood. In a log cabin, somebody talkiing, kind of thing
Ocean waves lapping does do a little something for me
And waking up to the sound of food frying... This is tied into waking up and realizing there are people near me.
Fire crackling