Student's Prayer

*Inspired by chained*

Oh Lord, thou art the Eternal
And thou hath taught the world
That good things take time
So please bless us in this
And delay this test
Until an appointed time
Err... preferably sometime far away
Thus so I beseech and pray

And if it's Your Will that we face this now
Then let our trials be easy
So we pray to thee a miracle bestow
That this once... we shall see
Questions appearing
That we've actually studied
Questions reading
Like they actually make sense

Oh ye Lord, forgive us when we wrong ourselves
Like when we spent the entire summer chilling
When we should have been studying
And pray that through last night's partying
This morning's frenzied cramming
Will prove true and truly we believe in miracles

For though the spirit is willing
The flesh is weak
We plead leniency in our trespasses
And pray for lenient markers
For to err is human and to forgive is divine
Oh Lord God, confer on us a sign
And let our collective prayers be answered


Sorry if this offends anyone. I've a lot of respect for monotheists. But this is my own common experience right before a test. Hoping and even praying. Written in a light manner (will take this off if it offends)...

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!