Relationships Ease Anxiety?


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I recently (2 days ago) accepted a temporary position at work that could become permanent, if I were interested. So, over the past couple of days, while working from home, I have been going back and forth about what I wanted to do. Ultimately, I made the decision I expected, but I had been kind of freaking out, till I spoke to a colleague and my manager (over video chat).
I realized this evening, that, quite often, I am extremely anxious, and avoid interacting with other people, and situations typically end up fine. It seems that, usually, despite my instinct to isolate myself, reaching out to someone else or asking for help actually does ease my anxiety. I wish this was easier for me to do proactively. In both the case of my colleague and my manager, I had written to them, and they asked if we could talk, which I appreciate.
Have you had similar experiences? Does knowing this make you more likely to reach out to talk to someone?


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Congrats on the job! even if you don't stay permanently. hopefully it gives you something good for the resume. I to have that extremely anxiousness when having to deal with other people. For me its the act of finally doing what every I am trying to avoid not doing cause of my anixty that makes mine better. I stuff from not being able to have great conversations. I never can think of what to say.


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Congratulations on the job. It can be a good thing if you have a work colleague or friend who you can talk to about your work but also more importantly, about any anxiety.

I had a very good work friend in my last job, however I never was able to share my deepest anxiety issues with her as lovely and nice as she is. In my current job, again, they are all lovely people but I wouldn't know who I could trust with this.