Post Your Christmas tree picture


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Well....I had thought it could be was feezing cold
outside when I took this picture of the family Christmas tree
so it's bit blurry but anyway...anyone else care to post a
picture of yours? might be interesting.



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I have no reason to put one up
This christmas is going to be my first solo one so fuk christmas
I hope your trees catch fire haha j/k


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Nice tree 2Crowded. I don't have my tree up yet. I started putting lights up outside today. I need a digital camera. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas.


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Not to terrible long....we didnt go crazy with it this year...think it needs a few more ornaments to fill in empty spots yet....but its basicly done i spose..over the next few days it will probly get a few more things hung on it i imagine.
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(Sorry, I have no tree or decorations to post.)