Iontophoresis above 25mA


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That's about the most I was able to tolerate when I used the Fischer MD-1A unit. After years of using straight DC I had to a witch to a pulsed DC unit. Ionto treatments can work and not work at times. I've been doing treatments since 2005.

Most "commercial" ionto machines have the limitations set.

That is a big factor for a lot of people. The solution is simple when you use a machine other than the "Named Branded Machines", you can achieve a higher output. The reason why Idromed and all the other brands limit the amount of output is due to safety and liability which makes lots of sense.

Bacon.... How long have you been doing ionto treatments? Is the output power a recent issue? You can either use salt or baking soda to the water to increase conductivity. In MY case neither had any effect, yet others it has a positive effect.

Another suggestion would be to increase your session time. If you are doing 15 minutes each polarity maybe increase it by adding 5-15 minutes on top of what you have been doing. If you are doing that at 25mA just make sure you aren't burning or blistering your fingers.

Another trick that may work for you is using either Dehydral or Antihydral which can be ordered online. Apply at least 5 minutes before your treatment. I find that this sometimes increases the efficiency of my treatment. Personally, I use Antihydral because it is a stronger dosage. Each have the same active ingredient.


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All ionto devices has a output limit. During the development of ionto devices , a variety of frequencies of electric current were tested by all brands, with regard to the best possible toleration of its effect by the human body. Not everyone know about maximal power which can be using for treatment hyperhidrosis. Somebody have a more sensitive skin or stronger, it gives us to understand it is neccessary find the comfortable power value. In this case when I wanted "more power feeling" , I used baking soda to the water. I think if somebody use or used a power more than 25 mA....

I have Electro Antiperspirant ELITE and I can set the 30 mA which is the maximal output , but currently, I don't want stronger power for my treatment. Now I'm stay with 20 mA.