hi just saying gday


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hey everyone, just joined up today i thought i better say gday. um im 21 years old from sydney, i used to have social anxiety when i was in my mid - late teens, im mostly fine now but i still have it in a mild capacity (well, its all relative i guess :roll: )

so yer guys good to be here and look forward to talking with everyone :D


edit : just submitted a pic of me aswell for the gallery so hopefully that'l be up soon


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hey loucat :)

things are ok, i hit a bump today that brought up the feeling that i should really see if i can join a support\discussion group on the net, so did a search and look i found one :lol:

let me say though im really glad to be here and i hope it turns out to be reasonably active im looking forward to learning stuff and talking with all of you :D


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Hey, welcome. :) The internet is a wonderful place to learn... and to just hang out. Enjoy the site.


Hi there,
I'm also from Sydney (although right now, its something like 40 degrees outside so I'd rather be anywhere else!).


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yeh i know well i didnt have it as bad as some people, cause im from the inner west, and also my suburb is atop a hill so we get a bit more breeze than most. I remember living out the western suburbs..... gawd you feel like dying out there in summer its terrible !

Went to the beach today though, that was fun, and water was beautiful :D