Greetings from Italy


Hi everyone,

To my surprise I just discovered the "kiwi subforum" and here I am. I was in NZ nearly two years ago and it was the typical once-in-a-lifetime travel. It is a long time I fell in love with NZ and after several months arranging all the details of such a jump to the antipodes, I got one of the most beautiful month in my life. I was quite sad when the airplane left the runway because I was well aware that I could never move there or at least, to come back in a near future.

Of course I am not too happy to meet people in such kind of forum because social phobia is a obvious cause of suffering. I wish this kind of forum don't exist at all because It would mean that people are happy. But I admit that in some sense this subforum is a way to keep alive the memory of one of the most happy moments of my whole life, expecially when comparing the high quality of life and people in NZ to the Italian context.