do you think you emotionally growup althought your life with social phobia ?

I was like that (except with men) before I met my ex. I believe you won't know if you have made the right choice until you actually live with the person.


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I'm young, so lucky I don't face this problem just yet,
But I think one day I will be able to find the right guy or girl for me, just maybe because of my SA they'll have to find me....
even tho I;m young I;m afraid of that.. but I guess u'll figure it out in time.. oif u feel good with the person, if he treats u right, nothing too much... :p


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I think that humanity as a whole is barely starting to understand what being emotionally grown up is. It's not something that's easy to reach, but when you do your in heaven no matter what happens in your life.


I'm not even sure how I would know that I truly love someone until I got to truly know them, and unfortunately to do that I need to find the courage to talk to her:confused: Of course you'll always find people you are attracted to because of what you see on the outside at what little you hear in small talk but all that does is get your attention. I do believe though that if I were to find someone who loved me for who I actually was it would start the healing process, but I would still need to do the work to finally get rid of all the self doubt.