Do you talk much to the person you love?


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You who are committed... How is the relationship with the person you love? Do you talk much?

If you are not committed yet what do you think... Would you talk much if you had a girlfriend/boyfriend?
Its easier to talk with people you like/love because we perceive them as being less or not judgemental - we dont fear a negative response from them as we might from a stranger. So yes, we talk more.


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I am single..
But generally when I was taken, I talked to them very very often :)
Not in a clingy way. But when I have a partner, I need to make sure that they are interesting enough for me to talk to and whatnot.. Otherwise our conversations could die a little faster.


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Me and my partner are like one now. I can talk to her about anything, even if she dosen't understand she will still try; that's why I love her.
I probably would. I always felt comfortable around my best friends so I can only imagine myself being even more comfortable with a loving girlfriend.


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before we got divorced, my ex-wife and i talked all the time

we mostly yelled, insulted one another, and told each other how unhappy the other person made us feel

i'm not sure where things went wrong
Usually when I'm with someone I talk to them as often as I can but not to a point where it gets to be overwhelming for them. I'll be really awkward and shy at first as I am with everyone else but I learn to adapt pretty fast and once I get comfortable I start to be more chatty, silly, and affectionate. Though when it comes to making the first move, I'm terrible at it. Like right now there's someone I really like but I don't know how to approach him and get to know him better. My lack of confidence is really frustrating.