Bad movies


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yes I know this is random... but what is the worst movie you've ever seen/some movies you really hate?
I thought the Master of Disguise was a terrible movie... but then again, it was made more for 3-year-olds who think fart jokes are funny (well... I'm thinking of some other posts in the Off Topic forum, maybe I'm wrong :lol:)
I'd have to say the worst movie I've ever seen was Boogeyman. It was really one of the worst movies I've ever seen :( especially when Boogeyman ended up looking like the Grim Reaper from The Sims.

What are your least favourite movies?


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Any film with romance :roll: i love horror,sci fi,thrillers/chillers,action,adventure...i've seen some crap in my time,cant remember there names there so bad!


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Any romantic comedies! zzzzzz yawn! o my gosh, one word for you paul- WATERWORLD, what a load of bullshite


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I agree with you Bexi, I hate romantic comedies :p
feardotcom was pretty bad abc1234, have to agree with you on that.

edit: never heard of Waterworld, haha.. it's an older movie (like early 90s) isn't it? I might rent it just to see :lol:


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I watched 'saw' the other week
I thought I'd be terrified...but it was utterly crap


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I thought Blair Witch Project was the biggest pile of shit I have ever seen in my life, that movie was sooo over rated!!... :lol:


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i agre all those movies r really bad but Shaolin Soccer is a good moive it shouldnt be on this list that and kung fu hustle r both my fav movies


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Overboard staring Adam Sandler

I like all his movies and i seen this one which is one of his first ( i think) and it was terrible :( not what i expected from him.


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Rob Schneider movies - I like the episode of South Park where they took the piss of him and his movies.
And any movie with the unneccessary showing of tits and ass - get a script!


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I see alot of bad movies, because I am a HUGE movie fan so I see alot of bad ones in the process of finding good ones. I think one of the worst was called Daytrippers