Another Tea Remedy?


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I came across this while doing some research. I went ahead and ordered it. Assuming they keep true to their guarantee this should work. Has anyone else tried this? What were your results?
Hushed Sea - Herbal Tea - Stop Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Also available in smaller two week supply.

Ready to be sweat free and infused with new confidence? Hushed Sea is your effective all natural solution to excessive perspiration, Hyperhidrosis.

Hushed Sea stops excessive sweating by promoting the normal balanced functioning of two complimentary nervous systems, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. An imbalance in these two systems leads to profuse and unnecessary perspiration in circumstances that do not warrant sweating.

Most Hyperhidrosis Treatments are highly unattractive options.

* Surgery – its highly invasive, irreversible and the effect of this perspiration treatment for many patients is not a cure to their problem but a shift from sweating at one location on the body to a different location, from underarm(axillary) to hands(palmar) or armpits to feet for example.

* Botox Injections – Another invasive solution for Hyperhidrosis, botox will not cure the underlying cause of excessive sweating. Rather than cure excessive sweating, botox temporarily relieves sweating at the injected area. Many sufferers are also concerned about the possible side effects of a treatment that requires injecting a toxin.

* Clinical Strength Antiperspirants – The active ingredient in most antiperspirants including clinical strength antiperspirants is Aluminum Chloride. These antiperspirants irritate the skin. For some this irritation is mild and passes for others it is uncomfortable to the point of burning.

Hushed Sea is an effective, non-invasive alternative that addresses the underlying cause of hyperhidrosis.

Hushed Sea:

* Is a gentle, all natural treatment for Hyperhidrosis, an herbal remedy for profuse perspiration.

* Is non-invasive

* Solves Excessive Perspiration wherever it occurs on the body (sweaty underarms(axillary hyperhidrosis), sweaty hands(palmar hyperhidrosis), sweaty feet(plantar hyperhidrosis), sweaty face(facial hyperhidrosis), sweaty back, sweaty neck, sweaty groin, etc)

* Works quickly – Users find relief within the first week of use, some in the first day.

* Is pleasant and soothing to consume.

* Is the last solution to hyperhidrosis you will need. Most users are able to discontinue use of Hushed Sea without their sweating problem returning. Some are able to do so after a single month of use. Some go months without a problem then need another course.

The herbs in Hushed Sea (Valarian Root, Astragalus, St. John’s Wort, Sage) have a long history of use in western and eastern medicine combating excessive sweating.

Hushed Sea is fully guaranteed to be effective. Your purchase is risk free. If you are not satisfied for any reason we will refund both the purchase price of your order and shipping cost no questions asked.

Hushed Sea comes in easy to prepare single serving tea bags. Simply steep the bag for 3-5 minutes in hot water, flavor to taste with honey, sugar, and/or milk. Drink two servings a day.

Quantity: 60 Servings, a one month supply.

Guarantee: No questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund 100% of your purchase price plus shipping and handling.



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It does have sage so it probably will reduce sweating a little. I dont know if it will be dramatic enough that our lives would become better. No harm in trying...its just tea :)


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Please try this if you can. It contains a lot of different natural remedies to lower the sympathetic tone in the central nervous system. Could potentially work for many.

Unfortunately, not available outside the US.


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I have noticed some promising results already. Not after the first cup, but after about the 3rd I noticed my skin was dryer. Today I even woke up in bed with my hands and feet not covered in sweat. While in the hot car today, I did sweat some but it seemed like less. I am using one tea bag a day(3 times) but drinking one cup of tea at each meal. The results have thus far been promising.

However, I do use an Ionto machine on my hands and feet so the dryness could be contributed to it and I am not going to stop into treatment to see how much the tea helps in that aspect. However, I see combined with Ionto the tea seems to help the other parts of the body the machine cant reach. Ie. face and back.

Sage, is the main ingredient in the tea and is probably the reason why I am finding myself dry. The tea is like the german Sweatosan sage pills i have tried earlier ( but the tea also contains some anxiety calming herbs which seem to combat stress/anxiety induced aspects of sweating as well.

All in all though it is really only my third day, I am pleased with the results thus far. Tonight for awhile my feet were slightly damp (misnomer maybe? I was watching a scary show) and I do notice i need to drink 3 cups a day or I wont see results. The instructions state that for some it can take up to two weeks for sweating levels to become normalized. So I will keep you all posted. In the meantime you all might want to try it yourself; it certainly isnt completely a scam. Slightly a miracle I might say if these results continue. I think the site offers a 2 week sample. The price isnt really expensive and worth it to try.


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I just tried this tea. I was so excited to be sweat free for the first time and nothing...I think i had the placebo effect, but that ended tragically in a terrible episode. I had two cups before a class presentation(10mins) and i was sooooo confident going in. About 2mins in i started leaking(facial). I thought maybe it didn't work because i hadn't finished the 1month supply, so i continued to drink the rest of the package. And nothing. Hopefully it works for others but i had no luck. Some say your supposed to go through two supplies or 60 days of drinking, but 60 days? i wish i had the patience.