A girl with SA without girl best friend


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That’s me, I wonder if I can ever get one. I know I have to work on it. I wonder when I can and when will I take that risk.

I recently tried to talk with someone online but it just doesn’t go well. I feel like I don’t talk well with her and I think it will be the same if I try to talk to more other to befriend.

I wonder that will I ever have one girlfriend or more, I’m scared that I will never have because I really want to have more fun in life. And I think having a friend that likes me too will help me on that.

I do have a guy best friend and I think it’s more easy for me to talk with guys. But I don’t either talk to a lot with them.


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While I don't have a lot of friends, the one's I've made over the years have predominantly come from three places - work, school, and friends of friends. I've had friends on the internet as well, but I'd set that aside as a separate thing.

I think that is because friends are really just the people you spend a lot of time with and don't hate. A work and school you are forced to spend time with people and occasionally some of them you may find you like talking to. Those are friends. Inviting them to hang out or something like that is what the next step would be.

Paying attention to people and showing interest in who they are is important as well. We're all a little narcissistic and like the attention to be on us, or simply to feel cared about.


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I stopped creating new friendship after I left my home country. The more mature I’ve become the lesser I connect with people. My group of friends still consists of my HS friends and I can’t even feel that they’re my close friends anymore because I migrated.

My hubby can’t understand how I am not having friends at work when he saw me having a fun conversation with a colleague when he picked me up from work. Friendship for me is personal. I can have fun with those selected people I am comfortable with but I do not trust them enough to share my inner thoughts.