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Old 12-08-2017

Every now and then I'll do maintenance treatments every other day for about 3-4 times instead of my normal once every 4-5 days.

I did this extra treatment cycle because my hands were getting clammy. What resulted a week to 2 weeks later was extremely dry hands and what appears to be small paper cuts throughout different parts of my fingers on both hands. I've had this happen before usually at the fingertip between the nail and the skin. This time I got it there along with multible areas on my fingers and now very small openings on about 5 knuckles. I submerge my hands completely in the water when I do treatments.

These cuts stay for days making it hard to use my hands. I never had it this bad on so many fingers. Yet no matter how dried out my hands are I'm still getting moisture on them. If I use moisturizer my hands will truly just sweat. The problem is now is I have to lay off the maintenance until these cuts heal which will result in more hand sweating because I'll be going off schedule. This all defeats the purpose of those extra treatments.

I'm just sharing. Like I said I've experienced this before usually getting one open cut, not the amount I'm experiencing now. It's about day 3 and the cuts are still open. I think it usually takes about 5-6 days to seal itself and start to scab. I feel like my nerve endings are on fire. Liquid bandaid stuff helps a little till the seal breaks and the cuts open again.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets this?
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Old 12-14-2017

It appears that these cuts are taking longer to heal (but they are healing) and a couple of new ones have surfaced. I decided to do a treatment anyways since 10 days has gone by and I can't afford to start from scratch. I covered up the existing open cuts with vaseline before treatment. Hopefully no new ones form. One or 2 I can deal with. Years ago I was able to go 10 days between treatments. Luckily it's not summer time.

It's hard to believe no one else ever gets these.
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Old 12-19-2017

Finally all these cuts are sealing up. I was able to do a treatment without putting vaseline on the cuts. Lots of scabbing now. It was nice to be able to do a treatment without pain. This has had to be the worst experience I've had in years. I'm pretty lucky that my hands and palms are staying dry now. Foe a while I had to put hand cream on my hands every day.

All these problems started in Nevada during a 3 week visit. Once I returned to Utah things started going back to normal. While in Nevada I was strictly using Utah water that I brought with me. It must of had to do with the climate as I have experienced all sorts of anomalies while I lived on and off in Nevada over the years.
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Old 12-19-2017

Glad to see things are improving.

I had thought maybe it was something to do with the fact you have an autoimmune condition, making you more susceptible to cuts.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I just feel i pick up more cuts etc that don't heal quickly, this is coupled with having Reynauds. I just feel my hands and feet, especially toes and fingers always have cuts or small nicks. I always seem to have problem areas around my nails. Sometimes unfortunately vaseline doesnt do the job but just gotta persevere.

Anyway, glad to hear that the issue is hopefully resolving.
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Old 12-19-2017

Thanks JustG.
It could be from the autoimmune disease. I have this through out my life. Partly it's due to our HH. Sinse our hands sweat they actually become drier even though they are moist. I would get cuts so often from work in my past.

Ionto treatments can really dry our hands out pretty bad, yet we still sweat at times. for some reason the ionto really dried out my hands to the point where they just cracked on there own everywhere.

Currently everything has sealed and starting to heal which is a good thing.

JustG, Do you do ionto treatments also?
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Old 12-20-2017

Hi Sprawling,

yes I do ionto. I've been using an Idromed 5gs for around 10 years now, though at the moment both treatments and meds seem to be having little effect. I have read your posts on Galvanic Stimulators with interest and its definitely something I want to look into. When I had a quick look, many of the devices were out of stock. It is something that seems a no brainer as I find the pain and discomfort makes me avoid sessions.

I'm also sure using the idromed worsens my reynauds. Even though I'm in the UK where it's relatively mild at times, my fingers and toes constantly feel cold. Just another little thing that makes me want to avoid my treatments.

With my hands I try to use moisturising creams but I often find that they make me sweat more, especially in summer and particularly when used on my face. I do apply cream to both hands and feet about an hour before treatment, hopefully to lessen chances of discomfort but currently I find that some cuts/wounds I just cant protect from the stinging pain. 15 minutes can seem like a lifetime when there's a constant pain.

Maybe putting some good moisturising cream on hands and feet before bed and wrapping up or putting on socks will help to both repair the skin and ease the next days treatment.

As you well know, we've just got to keep plugging away.
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Old 12-20-2017


You are correct, we must plug away. If it wasn't for using pulsed current I'd probably would be seeing stars with every treatment. I'm on year 12 .5 on my treatments. I think I've experienced all sorts of anomalies during these years. Who would expect that we'd ever keep up with our treatments? I guess it's like most things in life, we have to do what we have to do.

Isn't it so weird that our sweaty hands need moisturizers even though they sweat. The sweat dries out our hands even though they feel wet. We add moisturizer and they sweat more.

Anyways, thanks for your support JustG.

And if anyone reading here needs help or questions with ionto related issues, feel free to ask. We have several people on here who pass the 10+ year mark of doing treatments. Still, even though we have have lots of combined experience, sometimes we still get stumped. The true reason why ionto works is still a mystery and and there are plenty of people where ionto doesn't help at all.

Happy upcoming Holidays to everyone! May our sweat become sweatless and our stress become stressless.
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Old 01-22-2018

I get cuts around the ends of my fingers when ionto treatments have worked there magic and my hands have become super dry. Mainly during winter time. Never gotten them lower on my fingers though. I use vaseline to cover up the cuts and make them waterproof and I'm able to perform treatment without any pain. I also only submerge about half to 2/3's of my hands. Hope your cuts are all healed up now.
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Old 01-23-2018

Yup, It took awhile to heal up. I've noe readjusted my treatment schedule to once every 7 days. So far so good.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago

Turns out that I'll need to go back to every 5 days since I've been overly stressed since my dad just died recently and I'm now having to look after my 82 yo mom. The sweat just breaks through. On a good note it's not constant and my hands can become very dry. I just hope the anomaly of all those cuts does not show up again.
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