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  1. awkwardamanda

    Gift giving is awkward.

    So awkward.:omg: I have a lot of gifts to buy around May and June. There's Mother's Day, then my brother's birthday, my Mom's birthday and Father's Day. Then it's my birthday. Everything is clustered together within a span of a few weeks. So my dad suggested me and my brother pitch in for a...
  2. awkwardamanda

    Cloudbleed/Site crash?!

    I think the site crashed last night. Did everyone else have trouble? All of a sudden I couldn't refresh the site and kept getting this error page: I'm kinda suspicious because I also just heard about this: Change Your Passwords. Now.* This helpful site is linked there...
  3. awkwardamanda

    Life of a temp...

    I’ve been working for a staffing agency doing temp jobs for about two years. I feel stuck. I finished university a long time ago and then got stuck in retail for too long. Job searching is brutal. My biggest hurdle was that my only potential references were the people I was still working for...
  4. awkwardamanda

    I'm being set up with someone and I'm not happy about it

    My brother's fiancée is a teacher and she just happens to have a colleague who taught me and my brother when we were kids. She called me the other day and said they were talking and thought maybe I'd like to meet her son for coffee or whatever sometime. I took math and stats in school and he...
  5. awkwardamanda

    On loneliness...

    This is TL;DR, but I thought it was interesting: I'm lonely. Is that so odd? | Life and style | The Guardian I think I'm going to have a life like that one day. Not the divorced, empty nester part, just the lonely introvert who doesn't like socializing part. I want to live alone, at least for a...
  6. awkwardamanda

    So how long have we had an adult forum?

    I just noticed it recently. Is this a new thing, or have I been oblivious for awhile? And what's the rule then? Is it still PG-13 everywhere else and not here, or what?:question:
  7. awkwardamanda

    Alone in the crowd

    I'm tired of going places alone. I like being alone. I like shopping and doing errands alone. I just don't like going alone to places where I'm expected to socialize. I'm tired of showing up alone at parties and events where most people would go with a date or with friends. It gets old. I'm...
  8. awkwardamanda


    Anyone get depressed when you're PMSing? I don't really get bitchy. For about three days before my period I just get mopey and lethargic and I'm pretty much useless. I just wanna eat crap food and laze around. (Stupid forum won't let you capitalize an acronym in the title!!)
  9. awkwardamanda


    It seems a few people are annoyed about this. I'd thought I'd get a general consensus on the matter.
  10. awkwardamanda

    Omg there's gonna be a new simcity!!!!

    =0 FINALLY!!!!!!! =D !!!!! I thought this would never happen. I've been a fan of the game since the original. I was still playing the old SimCity4 from 2003. Glitchy and crashed all the time. I signed an online petition awhile back in hopes of convincing EA/Maxis to make a new game. Everyone...
  11. awkwardamanda

    Might have jury duty... =S

    I got a summons in the mail on Monday.:confused: It is now Thursday night. I have to call tomorrow. They sure as hell don't give you much time. You have to respond within a week, but Monday is a holiday, so that translates to four days. WTF? This is the second time I've gotten summoned. I got...
  12. awkwardamanda

    I'm officially a loner...

    I just found out the only good friend I have left is moving out-of-province. It was bound to happen. Her family can't stay put. They almost went years ago. They've lived all over the city. It just came up out of nowhere. Two months ago, she was looking for a new apartment, but here, not other...
  13. awkwardamanda

    Anti-reflective glasses

    So, I just got some new glasses and they have an anti-reflective coating which I've never had before. Has anybody had glasses like that? They're not what I expected. Maybe there's something wrong with them. I don't know. When I look towards a light source I see a streak of light coming off each...
  14. awkwardamanda

    Transitions lenses

    Has anyone had glasses with Transitions lenses? What did you think of them? I have to get new glasses sometime soon and I was thinking about trying them. I just want some opinions first if anyone has had them. The downside is that they apparently don't get darker in a vehicle because they're...
  15. awkwardamanda

    You know you're deprived when...

    ...You shut off your laptop and then hug it for warmth. ...The highlight of your day is working in menswear and staring at the models on the underwear packages. ...You want one of these. :confused:
  16. awkwardamanda

    So I have a doctor's appointment coming up...

    :confused: I recently made an appointment for a physical. It's been two years and I've been putting it off because I'm a procrastinator and that's what I do.:rolleyes: But I got a medical form in the mail for my driver's license that I need a doctor to fill out by the end of the year so it...
  17. awkwardamanda

    Ups and Crashes

    I tend to feel depressed a lot. Sometimes I'm okay for a while and then I'll suddenly get depressed. It may or may not be for any particular reason. I go through a low point just about everyday. I might be fine most of the day but then I'll get depressed for a while. Sometimes it's brief...
  18. awkwardamanda

    It's Mental Health Week in Canada

    Just FYI. Canadian Mental Health Association ? Mental Health Week
  19. awkwardamanda

    Self Tests

    I just came across a few tests if anyone's interested. Mental Health Self Tests I scored in the 40s for anxiety, social anxiety and depression - severe anxiety, social anxiety very probable, and moderate depression. For OCD I scored 35% - highly suggestive of OCD. o_0
  20. awkwardamanda

    It's March 14.

    3/14/2011. Happy Pi Day everyone!! π π π π_π ::p: