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  1. Miserum

    Are you a people pleaser?

    I am.
  2. Miserum

    Being a good person.

    I bet everyone on this forum is a kind, decent, altruistic human being, that, for the most part, would not hurt a fly. Maybe that's our problem (I'll speak for myself at least). A while back, I think someone made a thread about this wherein "sensitive people," to our (people with social phobia)...
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    One song, one word

    Sometimes I hear a piece of music and it puts me in a really specific mood. This one: Determined. Post a song that gets you in a mood, and in a word, tell us what that mood is.
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    Nature of Reality N Stuff

    Sometimes I get in a weird funk where I start thinking about the nature of reality. I got into one of those funks last night. And no, this is not Baby's First Existential Crisis, nor had I just smoked a mari-joo-wanna blunt, but I sometimes involuntarily wonder about it, and it terrifies and...
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    Humor is something I've thought a lot about during my life. What makes some things funny and some things not is a mystery to me. I think compatible humor is vital to making and maintaining a good relationship. There is something I've just recently noticed about how many people implement their...
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    Pushing People Away

    I have an issue where I tend to push people away after getting to know them. We'll be getting along just fine, even great. But then I start to fade away and avoid them. The initial few contacts before we become fully-fledged friends go great, but then I recede into my shell. Once the initial...
  7. Miserum

    Finally decided to get some professional help

    Called a psychologist that specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and anxiety disorders. Left a message and waiting for a callback. Let's hope I hear from them!
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    I am so depressed

    I can't connect with people. I am unable to "banter" with the guys without putting forth a massive effort. I feel like people don't respect me and I am ignored. I am not a funny person, and my attempts to be are shrugged off as weird or inappropriate. I am not smart. I am not attractive. I am...
  9. Miserum

    Thinking too much

    I can't remember if I've ever mentioned this before here, but I think WAY too much. Being lost in thought manifests in me several different outcomes depending on the situation: A) I am trying to learn something and I become distracted by thoughts that have nothing to do with the task at hand...
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    I was going through some boxes of old clothes and remembering the memories associated with that clothing. Some were old favorites, others were nothing special. Some evoked feelings of childhood nostalgia and good times, while others brought about rumination and regret. I had to throw out some...
  11. Miserum

    Being Cool

    I've been analyzing here and there what it means to "be yourself." I think it means to not try so hard, as may already be evident to others. For me, trying hard has been trying to be an intellectual far too often, sounding smart or cool, or forcing topics, all in order to appease others or show...
  12. Miserum

    Quora thread on a giant list of social faux pas'

    Thoughts on this? My biggest issue lately has been a lack of smiling I think, mostly because life is in the gutter. And if I do smile, people tend to think I'm weak and treat me accordingly (or maybe that's in my head).
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    How many of you drink alcohol?

    I haven't had a drink in months until tonight, but used to drink quite heavily. Something I noticed in particular tonight was a slowing of my ability to form coherent thoughts when talking. My memory was affected after just one, regular drink of liquor, so expressing myself while talking to a...
  14. Miserum

    Just a Vent

    What's up guys? Been a while since I posted here. I've been feeling pretty down lately. Been feeling like a nobody and I don't know where I'm headed in life. I feel like I'm never going to find someone to love--or trust--for that matter. I fear that a family might be a pipe dream, along with...
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    Chain of Association or Free Association in Developing Conversational Skills

    I've been trying this out recently. You talk to yourself 5-10 minutes at a time daily, literally about ANYTHING. By doing so you are training yourself to freely talk about whatever, and make connections to different topics more easily. This state of conversational flow can be applied to...
  16. Miserum

    How has your parent's divorce affected you?

    I come from a divorced family. Sometimes, well a lot of the time, I feel like I missed out on something. Like how to have a functioning relationship with another person, which is undoubtedly first learned by example from one's parents. How to have a healthy image of a father figure and mother...
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    Favorite Gifs Thread

    For those that don't know, to embed gifs, click the "Insert Image" button in the formatting bar above the text box. Me at work:
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    Pride and Ego as a source of SA

    Pride and ego make us think we are something important. They make us puff up our chests and think to ourselves that we deserve respect, praise, admiration, and whatever else leads to feelings of self-satisfaction. And when our pride and egos are challenged, when we feel slighted and are hurt by...
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    Rest In Peace Chris

    Chris Cornell passed away a couple of days ago at only age 52. I found serenity in his beautiful music growing up.
  20. Miserum

    Pets Are Therapeutic

    Pets have always been a source of comfort for me. Unconditional love from happy, non-judgmental cutie pies. Anyone feel the same way?