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  1. mismeek

    Any one trying to lose weight?

    I'm trying to lose some weight. My doctor said I'm suppose to be at 135. Which I've never been in my life. I honestly think thats too skinny but admit I do need to lose some weight. I want to lose 30 pounds. I was just wondering if anyone else is trying to lose weight, maybe we could keep each...
  2. mismeek

    Pen Pal anyone?

    Im looking for a snail mail buddy. I have a lot more time now that I've graduated. Any and Everyone is welcome! :big smile: [[Update]] Email buddies are welcomed too!
  3. mismeek

    I Graduated!

    After 6 looonnng years of binge eating, sleepless nights, practicums, and an amazing trip to alaska, IM FINALLY DONE. You are now talking to Meek, master of arts in Speech Language Pathology!! wooooot!! :applause::applause:
  4. mismeek

    What is your phone wallpaper?

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  5. mismeek

    Rough Patch

    I've been doing awesome these past few years. Yeah I have a couple of panic attacks here or there, but I understand that they will probably never really go away and I'm okay with that. I'm in my last few months of graduate school and I'm currently living in Alaska for my educational clinical. I...
  6. mismeek

    Are you down with the swirl?

    So I'm sure we have talked about this topic before.. but I can't remember and its driving me crazy again, so I thought I'd just bring it up once more. I love interracial dating. I love interacting with other cultures and seeing how different we can be in the smallest ways. In general I date...
  7. mismeek

    7 years later... still going strong.

    Just wanted to let you guys know that its been 7 years since I was a shut in, and I'm still getting out and doing my thang! that is all.. :bigsmile:
  8. mismeek

    Steampunk Con (Emerald City)

    I just made this bombass gun for my steampunk costume. I just wanted to show it off.. lol
  9. mismeek

    Anxiety/ OCD meds

    Okay guys so I feel like I've tried every pill out there for my anxiety and OCD. I need some suggestions of some new ones, bc I'm looking for the perfect match!! lol So far I've tried: Zoloft- for 4 years... increased dosage then stopped working Lexapro- caused severe nausea which triggered...
  10. mismeek

    Getting an attitude helps!

    Hey guys remember me!! Its mismeek.. well shes not so meek anymore!! for the last 6 years I have had crippling anxiety in social situations.. couldn't go to the store, couldn't go to school for long period of time and I even got to the point where I couldn't leave me house without being...
  11. mismeek


    I really want a tattoo but I cant draw very well and I'm having a hard time putting my ideas on paper. maybe some artists out there can give me some ideas? I really like bears and would like to incorporate my native american culture into the tat. I want Eyasketv,Vnokeckv, and Kvncvpkv which are...
  12. mismeek

    Funny panic attack stories II

    I know panic attacks aren't fun at the time.. but sometimes when you look back on them.. they can be pretty darn funny. Does anyone have a funny story to share?
  13. mismeek

    I love you guys!!!

    ::p: I just wanted everyone to know how much I love you all on here! I get so much comfort and support from you guys and just wanted to say thank you!!!!!! :D :D :D
  14. mismeek

    Physical relationships *mature topic*

    Physical relationships *mature topic* Update I had a bf for a few months and our sexual relationship was okay (he wasnt very good at it but.. *shrugs*) He was my first partner. Everything was okay for a month or two, but then I started having severe panic attacks during intimate moments. It got...
  15. mismeek

    Is Anyone Here Deaf?

    I have to interview a deaf person for my Deaf Cultures class. Since I have issues interacting with people I thought I would check and see if anyone here was deaf. Its a short interview, about 20 questions. No weird off the wall questions either? I just ask you where you went to school, How do yo...
  16. mismeek

    Want to help a shy guy at work

    This guy is working at my job for a work release program. Hes so shy that he can't find a job anywhere so the state places him somewhere and they pay him to work.. so the company just gets free labor. Hes very shy, and i just want to make him feel more comfortable.. anyone have any tips? I...
  17. mismeek

    Chomp chomp

    I work at a vet clinic/boarding/daycare and monday I was severely bitten by a Neapolitan Mastiff.. (big dog 200lbs) right on the hand.. its pretty janky now even those its been a week. lol. The Doc thinks my middle finger is permanently damaged. I guess I should be down about it but im really...
  18. mismeek

    Could use a bit of advice. PLEASE

    So Ive recently became good friends with my neighbor Tahne. We hang out all the time and I love her family. She has three younger brothers and Ive now become good friends with the oldest too. I LOVE it when all three of us hang out and do stuff together. Ive never had two close friends...
  19. mismeek

    Research Symposium

    Okay So I'm in a scholars program and one of the requirements to stay in the program is to conduct a research project/ experiment and present it and the city's research conference. Well I did all the work and my presentation is on Friday and I'm just now realizing that I cant do it. Its too late...
  20. mismeek

    Its my Birthday!!

    I'll be eating in public, mingling with large amounts of strangers, and be the center of attention.. UGH!! wish me luck!!!