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  1. Bexi

    Dodgy sounding instructions!!

    Screw Tightly. Add lubricant if needed. Be very sure to have a good grip before starting the exercise Insert tab A into slot B If not at desired hight, try another slot. Insert batteries then twist end to turn on. Not to be taken orally Beat until stiff (eggs for meringue) Plug may...
  2. Bexi

    Doctors- Scary

    When I go to the doctors, like just now, I feel physically sick and nearly go into a panic spiral :( I would say it is probably the number one most nerve wracking thing in my life at the moment, what are yours?
  3. Bexi

    Who is your favourite mod....

    who is male, and is now an ex-mod? (i think?)
  4. Bexi


    okie, lets get ppl's (and mine) spirits ups! Basically I have posted, so someone has to say somthing nice about me, dont hold plz dont! then after their post somone has to post somthing nice about the previous person! EG- say YOUNG says nice things about me (unlikely), the next post has...
  5. Bexi

    If you were a...

    Fruit, what would u want to be?? I want to be a peach! Bite me
  6. Bexi


    Sadness and melancholy surround me, My soul is filled with pain, I feel like an empty box, With nothing in but loss, I feel like a fraud when I smile, Coz inside i'm dead :(
  7. Bexi


    OK kids, what r ur 3 most prized possessions. I'd say, my dog, altho not really a possession but i pick her anyway as i do "own" her, right? Also, my Tiffany bracelet, and my expensive posh black handbag, shallow? moi? xx
  8. Bexi

    Come to my party..

    U are all invited xxxxxxx
  9. Bexi

    RED and MAC

    Hi, i see u are both here! havent seen u both for ages :( xxxxxxxxx
  10. Bexi

    So Anxious

    Hi, I am feeling so anxious today :( I have 3 papers I need to do to complete my degree, but have about 0 motivation, and do't actually want to do them, so feel pressured and stressed out. I so don't care about my stupid degree anyway :( I have started to get nightmares again too :( Depressed...
  11. Bexi


    Check me out in colour, i'm joining the 21st century!
  12. Bexi

    The BEX-Files

    Hi all, does anyone believe in ghosts, aliens and other spooky things? I personally believe in aliens and love reading about them! Also, I believe in ghosts, I like the idea of seeing one, but never have xxxxxxxx
  13. Bexi


    Hi McShy, How do you feel today? Sorry you were having a shit one last night xx :)
  14. Bexi

    What makes you mad?

    Good evening! I was just reading a story on animal abuse :evil: and got upset, but realised that more than the sadness I was experiencing was ANGER!!! at the sickos who harm animals. What makes u mad and angry? And has anyone ever got revenge on someone?
  15. Bexi

    Bexi's Oddness...

    Hi everyone! I decided to google people's names and see what images I could find! Obviously, I have yet to do everyone, but bear with me, I think some are really cool, although not all are accurate in any way, I like them, hope you do too, let me know....I hope u have fun find finding your picture!
  16. Bexi

    Miss RED

    RED, I just PM-ed you to explain all xxx
  17. Bexi

    Pick one!

    WOuld u rather, be able to FLY, be INVISIBLE or have X -RAY vision?? I'd love to fly personally
  18. Bexi

    Time of the week again!

    Yes it is Tuesday, so tomorrow is...counselling! I am going to tell her about my break up with BF and how i have been feeling down, but I find it very hard to talk to ppl about certain things, and worry I will just sit there unable to talk! :roll: Gosh, i am abit worried! as always!
  19. Bexi

    Another Bexi Game

    Ok, how bout this for a game...U have to type 3 things/statements about urself, but two are lies and one is the truth and ppl gotta guess which ones TRUE! But someone more interesting than me could start? :)
  20. Bexi


    does anyone wana come in??????