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  1. hidwell

    Being present

    If anyone is really struggling at the moment I recommend the book 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. It has really helped me with my negative internal dialogue.
  2. hidwell

    7 letter word game

    Post any word as long as it has 7 letters. Kippers
  3. hidwell

    Keep one drop one

    For example : Milk shake could be changed to: Thick shake Brown bread
  4. hidwell

    Last letter game

    For example : Lecture - using the last letter to start with emission Examination
  5. hidwell

    Word scramble

    Easy game just unscramble the letters that make the word. CANPTIEE
  6. hidwell

    A woman gave me her number!

    Decided to have a massage today, a deep tissue full body massage. A Taiwanese woman was the Masseuse, she was very thorough and the massage was slightly erotic, after the session I asked her if she was always at this center or at others as the business is part of a chain. She replied by telling...
  7. hidwell

    1 year on

    12 months today since I joined this online community, the first forum I have ever been apart of. I haven't changed that much but sites like this one does help to make people like me feel less isolated and that is a positive as far as I'm concerned. So cheers to everyone on SPW. :thumbup:
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    Where was this picture taken

  9. hidwell

    The Al Bundy appreciation society

  10. hidwell

    Have a hug thread

  11. hidwell

    Describe the area where you live

    I live in rural Tasmania surrounded by rolling hills and tree clad ridges, where eagles fly and pademelons hop around.
  12. hidwell

    Canada versus America

    If you had the choice of moving to Canada and you lived in the US would you move, and why would you do it ? Likewise if you were a Canadian and had the chance to live in the US would you take the opportunity ?
  13. hidwell

    Elephant Whisperer

    I think this story is wonderful
  14. hidwell

    Holiday pics of England

  15. hidwell

    name something you like alaphabetically

    Armadillo :)
  16. hidwell

    Your favourite poem

    I was watching Stephen Frys planet word last night, and W H Audens poem was read, I found it very moving. Why not add your favourite poem here. Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the...
  17. hidwell

    a pic of me

    Lake Taupo
  18. hidwell

    Quick thinking

    The Shocking Moment Tow Truck Dragged Off Snowy Cliff in Norway - YouTube
  19. hidwell

    Pics of Tasmania Cradle Mountain
  20. hidwell

    Olly boy