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  1. DixiefriedJJ

    Contacting the website

    Hi, Has anyone used the 'contact us' form on this site and actually heard back? I've been trying to get a question answered for some time with several messages/emails. Does this site have a customer service anymore?
  2. DixiefriedJJ

    Banned accounts

    Anyone know if not using your account on here for some time gets it banned/deleted? Going through my old account friends list there are so many accounts that are 'banned' but what does that mean? They all couldn't have done something 'wrong' could they?
  3. DixiefriedJJ

    Anyone from Wellington NZ

    Hi, I've been travelling NZ since March and I'm now settled in Wellington for the meantime, wondering if there are any users on here also living in Wellington? ps - not a newbie user, I've been a member since 2009 but lost my old email so had to create a new account.