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    to webmaster...about 'winnipegjets'

    hi webmaster...i got rid of some of 'winnipegjet's posts...they were horrific, violent images of human carnage..and explicit photos of women..that were extremely degrading, and offensive. I wasn't sure what else to do..he has offended many many people and turning them away from this site...
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    to webmaster: moderators needed

    webmaster, are there any moderators for this site? if not, i have a few names of interested, responsible people willing to help with this. Obviously, there are ridiculous posts on here that need to be dealt with, and people that need to be banned :!:
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    ahh the glorious snow

    does anyone else love snow? 8) last night i was driving home in it..and yeah, quite slippery for driving, but simply beautiful :!: and there's just something so soothing and comforting to me in snowfall. It kinda reminded me of the huge power of nature..and the fact that i am just one tiny...
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    my treadmill the beach

    yikes yikes yikes..i don't usually start a topic..scares the crap out of me :o but here goes..i'll splain it as well as i can..sometimes while i'm working out, i get these thoughts about my anxiety..some of you on this site know these crazy thoughts all too well (you know who your are :twisted...
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    who are the mods on this site please?
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    just a question

    does anyone know, who are the mods for this site :?:
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    just a dumb question

    hey, does anybody know why the 'off topic' posts don't go to the top of the page???? ..i, for one, think they should :wink:
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    thumbs up?

    hey..just a (dumb) question...where did that pic on the top of the page come from?..and why are those people so friggin happy? :wink:
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    chocolate bars

    mmmm chocolate :twisted: .....what's your favourite chocolate bar?..if i have to pick just one!?? i guess it would be crispy crunch?....hmmm...but anyway, there is a point to this's my attempt at explaining: I work in an extremely busy coffee shop with many other...
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    phone or online therapy?

    good question's a good idea..maybe someone else will have some info
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    dumbass question! in the last week.. i have been asked this question..."do i make you nervous?"..and it really irks me, cause, for one thing...i think it's rude to ask someone this, cause if they were the source of my nervousness...what the fuck am i supposed to say..."well, actually yeah, you do make...
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    loud...outspoken..annoying....people there's this dude at work....he drives a truck and delivers to my work 2 or 3 times weekly....he's really loud..outspoken...seems to try to seek me out and notice me....and loudly remark on whatever suits him....just one example.....i am usually on my break in the staff room at the back of...
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    what brave or courageous things have you accomplished???

    so yesterday....while driving and thinking....(and probably having that stupid bewildered, uncomfortable look about me :evil: )....i thought about some of the braver things i've done in my are a few........1. i went to a driver's test, drove with a complete stranger...and got my...
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    tidal wave...of anxiety had a pretty good day yesterday...went out to grocery store with a friend, convenience store, even went to friend's house to sit around pool for a while....pretty decent day overall....then, lying in bed last hit me like a huge tidal wave...and settled in my stomach...huge...
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    insufferable worrying

    if i could just stop this....on any given day...i worry about three things :? ....the past-my childhood and some crap that went with it, dumb mistakes i've made,stuff i should have accomplished ....secondly, i worry about the future-if i will ever find a way out of my shell and make something...
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    road rage I heard on the news last night there was road rage incident on highway 401 in Canada (near Toronto)..It involved two women, one in suv, one in car...i think the woman in suv wouldn't let woman in car move over to lane fast enough, didn't signal or something like woman in car cut...
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    what's your heritage?

    my Dad is Italian, my Mom American. They met and settled here in Canada...funny, my dad is really quiet, my mom quite loud and outgoing, always too free with her opinions 8O I never got along with my mom till I moved out, and I swore i would be nothing like her (i guess i got my wish)...enough...
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    sound "stupider" than I really am

    Today at work, my words just wouldn't come out right 8O ! Does this happen to you? I attempt to say simple sentences, nothing complicated, and I sometimes just jumble the words up, and it makes me sound like I don't know how to put sentences together or something.....and can't talk loud enough...
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    bridesmaid jitters!!!!

    So I have this friend, have known her about 5 years or so, more of an aquaintance through work really, only see her at work. She is getting married this year, probably before Christmas, and wants me to be in her wedding. She was so excited to ask me, and I am really stressing about it. I am...
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    favorite t.v. shows??

    I don't watch too much t.v., but I like to sometimes, makes me forget about my own issues! :roll: I love " the Amazing Race", cause takes place in lots of different countries, and also "CSI"- the original one, love all the forensic stuff; Sarah is a character I can relate to big time, she is a...