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  1. Faded

    School Anxiety beats me off

    2 weeks ago, i started to think of school more and deeply then i did at the beginning of the summer. I seem to have even more difficulties sleeping, and cuz i cannot sleep .. depression is invading. If this is happening now, what will happen when school is on play. i dont want to drop school cuz...
  2. Faded

    Emotional Eating!

    Emotional Eating ? - Eating for emotional Reasons. Yea, i've relised that becuz when ever im Down or Angry .., i'll snack on chips, chocolates, ect. Without even feeling hungry, i just do it so i wont be thinking of any of these thoughts.. Sometimes it does relieve the tense, but not a solution...
  3. Faded

    What are your hardest/Awful Exposures?

    I've started the (Social) Exposure which is part of the cognitive behaviour therapy..Anyway .. I was wondering,, when u started your exposure,what was your Hardest!?? For Example, Today i went with my therapist to the mall,and we sat in an open cafe where i had to eat in public (assignment)...
  4. Faded

    Stuttering - Phone Calls

    heyy.. Anyone here, Stutters alot when answering phone-Calls,especially with ppl u wont expect ?? Do u end up being Asked .. " Are u Okay?? " ? and how do u feel about it?? Thank you.
  5. Faded

    The Check - OCD

    I think its very familiar to lot of people. im not sure wats it really called but its a type of OCD, where u need to check everything again,, like if u locked the door,, if u picked the towel from the bathroom floor,, if u switched off the water tank,,if u did all of yr hw, ... there are many...
  6. Faded

    Other Disorders..

    I Just wonna Know.. What other Disorder(s) Do you Have or had ? Thank you.
  7. Faded

    Dont you get this Remark??

    When my parents relised im social pobic (/ severe Shyness) and facing alot of anxiety .. They kept it hangin' around ppl / strangers .. like :-" OH DONT BE SHY .. " or PPL:- " WHY ARE YOU SHY?!!" My parents have asked me once about the shyness .. They've told me :- " YOUR SMART AND PRETTY...
  8. Faded

    im new here!

    hey all, as u see im a new SP vicitim here .. Im from the UAE (United Arab Emirates) .. :!: Dunno wat 2 say .. i wud jus like 2 be accepted 2 join n' share this issue with others .. but it seemz alil bit hard 4 me .. :oops: :wink: Thank you!