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  1. jesuschristschild

    Addicted to Caffeine? (For social Phobic people only)

    Addicted to caffeine? Pop, tea(with caffeine), coffee or any other caffeine drink? If you drink it everyday you can put yourself under yes
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    The Atheist Test(by Ray Comfort)

    (my email is [email protected], get in touch with me if you want to speak about anything, not just atheists but anyone suffering, i want to be a friend....the Lord Bless) ----------------------------------------------------------------- The theory of evolution of the Coca Cola can. Billions...
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    i do not mean to come across as someone manipultating....but not at all my intention, to accuse me of scare tactics is to say that what i say is a "tactic" in order to just scare people so they go to church...when the truth is its not like that, im not manipulating anyone, its stuff that i want...
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    If you died right now where would you go?

    do you consider yourself a good person? how many times do you need to steal in a court of law to be locked up as a theif....God must judge all your sin, if you have lied once you will be condemned a liar, if you have stolen once you will be condemned a theif, if you have lusted after someone...
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    poem/song lyrics, whatever you want to call cutefluffykitten My endless love, my soul mate, my honey You knock me off my feet, down on one knee I stay up tonight, watchin you sleep time flys Watching you breath, feeling ya heart beat, close your eyes I love watching you in that place...
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    How I overcome my fears

    this is what the holy spirit revealed to me, it lives inside me, i dont know if i can only do this stuff because i have the holy spirit living inside me, its like a fountain of life inside of me, and its awesome but this is what he revealed to me, and i will explain humbling yourself better, i...
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    any followers of Christ that want advice on how to overcome

    i dont believe at all i could've overcome without Christ in my heart so im telling those that hope to overcome in Christ what to do if anyone who believes in Christ needs advice on social phobia, i will let you know what the spirit revealed to me v[email protected] = MSN yahoo =...
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    always looking back (poem)

    this im writing about girl i broke up with because she was controlling, and our relationship went know those relationships where pride runs them instead of love I will carry you everywhere I go I love you infinite and I want you to know We faced a cold fate, controll, hate Old...
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    Poem I wrote before i found God (the mask)

    Im the man in the mirror behind this mask.. Someone help me out, my real face is trapped.. I want to show you my face, im tearing at the seel.. I want to show you the true me, what i truley feel.. love my interself, for all its worth love my interself, take away the hurt Everyones a critic, so...
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    My Son Richard, Poem/Song

    I love Richard, my son is my pride and joy His cute little face, while he plays with his toys He says 'I love you Daddy' with excitement in his voice 'Vroom Vroom' with his little trucks he makes noise Only 3 years old, but he is my complete everything How many little rascals do I treat like a...
  11. jesuschristschild

    How I overcame social phobia, please read

    i used to have such a social phobia that i couldnt talk to my own family members without shaking in fear, now ive read poetry infront of an entire church of people without knowing them all very well because i was new there. well i heard this tapping on my wall every night(this is to understand...