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  1. 1984

    how do u feel

    does any1 feel that their getting better or worse
  2. 1984

    do u feel tired?

    everyday when i get up i always feel tired, drained even tho i havent done anything, can any1 relate?
  3. 1984

    please read

    i've had enough of this sp shit, im sick to the stomach of constantly thinking about it every minute of every day, unless i force myself to do things that i feel uncomftable doing i dont think i will ever get better. my father says that i should stop thinking of what other people think of me...
  4. 1984

    how long have you had sp for?

    hi everyone i was just wondering how long everyones had sp for, cause i've had it for about 3 years now and dont know if i can cope 4 much longer. thanks for reading
  5. 1984

    do u think u lost ur sense of humor?

    does any1 think that they have lost thier sense of humor because of sp?
  6. 1984

    do u stay in?

    do u stay in everyday cause of sp?
  7. 1984

    has anyone told their friends they have sp

    I havent been able to tell my friends that i have sp because i feel embaresd, cause before i had sp i was the lively 1 in the group, and now im the complete aposite, i hardly go out with them anymore and lost contact with some of them. The only time i speak to them is on the phone. does anyone...
  8. 1984

    illegal drugs cause sp?

    hi everyone, i was just wondering if anyone here thinks that illegal drugs caused their sp, i was a regular canabis smoker for about 4 years and took other drugs like speed & estacy but not as often, do any of u think that illegal drugs caused your sp?