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    Thank You Cards

    Um, I'm unsure about something. I've been attending college for the last six months and we are completing the first semester next week. I feel that this group of people has been very kind and understanding towards my avoidant behaviour, with four people in particular really going out of their...
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    Hello, I remember many years back I searched through my history on this site and deleted most of my posts! Honestly, "talking" on this site is very scary. I visit much less these days and when I do I try and push myself to give a positive reply to someone. Creating a new thread is something...
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    Just try, I know it's hard, but please try!

    I want to say something. No one really cares. That's right. Noone cares. Ha! I know what you're thinkging, you think I am being negative and saying that people don't care, they do! I went to a live DJ show last week. That's right. I am a social phobic and I went to a live performance at the...
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    All You Need is Love

    The problem with society is that we all need to be right. We know we are right. Our beliefs are higher than those of the opposing parties. That is why world peace will never be possible. No one will completely agree with another on all topics. It is the same here at social phobia world. We...
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    Overcoming bitterness

    I have to be honest and say that I feel a great deal of bitterness towards the many people who have treated me poorly and laughed at me because of my avoiding and nervous behaviours. I feel very angry about these events. I sometimes feel I want revenge, but I understand that these emotions are...
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    Atari is the bomb!

    I think my nick says it all (for anyone who doesn't know, 7800 is the model name of an Atari video game system). Playstation just doesn't do it for me. It's gotta be old school. I love video games from the 70's and 80's. There's something attractive about how simplistic yet bloody difficult...
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    The challenge or the gun?

    I would like to begin by apologising for the negativity of the following post. If you are trying to avoid down stories on this forum, click away. While we are at this point I would like to apologise for hypocritically telling others on this forum in the past to drop their negativity and take...
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    Even the Web is scary!!!

    The Internet doesn't make it easier for me. I thought it would, but it doesn't. I still feel a sense of horror when pressing that "Send" button. What will they think? The whole world can judge me now? Oh SHIT! I hate this. Does security exist anywhere?
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    My rant about malicious pricks!

    I don't get it! I've entered my second year of college (I'm studying the last year of highschool because I didn't finish it when I was there) and even though I should realise that those who do laugh at me are not very nice, I still find myself wondering why I am considered a loser. But I'm not a...
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    What the hell are you talking about?

    I'm from Australia and I've always been curious about some of the weird words used to describe some cliques in American high schools. What is a Freshman, what is a sophomore and why do you further segregate yourselves by naming these groups?
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    How do I deal with real laughter?

    Sorry to be morbid, but how the hell am I suppossed to get over this SP when people actually do laugh? Wherever I go, people really do laugh at me! No, it isn't my paranoia, I can see these faces. And no I'm not exaggerating, it does happen everywhere I go. Every now and then, when I decide to...
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