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  1. BlueDays

    I'm sorry. I've made a big mistake making this thread. I realise it can be too triggering/depressing for some members.

    I'm sorry. :( I've made a big mistake making this thread. I realise it can be too triggering/depressing for some members. :cry: I am so sorry!!
  2. BlueDays

    Treatment of the socially anxious humans, in the ancient tribes?

    I've always wondered what would have become of us if we lived back when humans lived in little hunter/gathering tribes, consisting of a few dozen different families. :unsure: Because we were so socially awkward and therefore made the whole tribe uncomfortable, would we simply have been told to...
  3. BlueDays

    Question for the guys...

    I know there must be many complex reasons, and causes etc. but I am really curious to hear some explanations of why men are so competitive with each other? Even in situations where there is not a resource shortage, or any obvious reason for guys to be so competitive, why does it still happen...
  4. BlueDays

    Fear of being judged for having unusual tastes in music.

    I'm anyone else in this site too scared to post their favourite music in the "Post Your Favourite Music" thread, for fear of being judged for having weird, or pathetic tastes in music?
  5. BlueDays

    Does your anxiety make you feel years younger than your actual age?

    My anxiety has cut so much 'normal living experience' out of my life that - in my mind - I feel at least 15 years younger than I actually am. I am wondering does someone feeling much younger than they actually are, depend on the severity of their anxiety? Does someone who has 'mild' anxiety...
  6. BlueDays

    The first thread you check out when you log in?

    I realized when I log in, the first thread I check out is the "Post Your Random Thoughts/Feelings etc" thread. I started to wonder do any other users have a favourite thread they click on as soon as they log in? :thinking: Or do you just go to a particular Forum to browse? Or do you just...
  7. BlueDays

    An experience that might help others.

    There is something I've just recently experienced that might help others in here. My pharmacy started giving me the generic version of Zoloft called "Sertraline". I have been taking Zoloft for several years and it has been very helpful for me. I have been taking the generic brand which I was...
  8. BlueDays

    Need for constant approval.

    Just wondering if anyone has found a way to manage or overcome a constant need to gain everyone's approval? Everything I have tried so far has failed. Any suggestions or personal stories would be welcome. Thanks:)
  9. BlueDays

    Do you have worse nightmares when you're sad?

    Does anyone here notice when going through an extreme level of sadness that their nightmares are significantly worse? I've only just discovered this correlation between the two. I mean extreme sadness and extremely bad nightmares, not just average. Just wondering if this is common or not?
  10. BlueDays

    What do you want this Christmas?

    What do you want this Christmas? Can be an object, action or a certain behaviour from someone?
  11. BlueDays

    Any advice on Graded Exposure?