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  1. fife_girl

    UK meet ups??

    Are there any groups that meet up in scotland/UK?? I think its time I try to meet ppl with SA but i dont know if there any groups that do this?... Does anybody else want to do this? If anyone has any info about meets Id really appreciate it :)
  2. fife_girl

    i could really use a wish right now....

    If you had 1 wish right now what would it be??.....but not the obvious one of no social anxiety...i mean other problems, even small ones, or your most dificult aspect of SA ...:confused:
  3. fife_girl

    FAMILY!?..with?, or against you??...

    i guess the title says it all... is your family with you or against you??? i thought my family understood!!...clearly i was mistaken ;( ;( what r ur situations??
  4. fife_girl

    REAL spirit photo! (post yours?)

    OK so there was another thread about spirits with a picture, which personally i never seen any in I was sitting in my room listening to music and i ''sensed'' something at my door and decided to take a photo because i had taken some b4 and found ''orbs'' in them....this is what i caught on...
  5. fife_girl

    consider death :(

    i feel better now but SA definately has a yo-yo effect on me :( but im fine just now!! :) :) :) xx
  6. fife_girl

    whats that point?.....

    Do any of u not work, live in ur room n think ...''where am i going??'' i hate this.. my life is sh*t
  7. fife_girl

    I love all sa people

    i know there r probably similar threads but i genuinly love all fellow SA sufferes cause i ''get'' them and i know what they go thro! basically i want to tell u all that i have faith in you all and i believe u can fight this :) and that u are a great strength for me :D so thank u for being...
  8. fife_girl

    6yrs on benefit :(

    god i feel sooooo sh*t today, im so fed up and i couldnt care less about anything right now. I have been on benefit now for 6 years ::(: just think where i could have been if it wasnt for this god dam SA curse!! GRRRRR :mad: i miss working ::(: i hate SA ::(: i admire all you guys who...
  9. fife_girl

    Post a picture of your shoes!

    got loads of pairs but think theses were my most recent ....
  10. fife_girl

    Sorry!! Over reacting!! :(

    Well i went to go get to the point where i dnt freak out!!x my mate is a cutie :) x
  11. fife_girl

    U r special <3

    I just want to say thankt you to everyone who gave me a lil kick or some boost!! You r all always on my mind 24/7 and its true.... U have helped so much:) thank you :) *hug 4 all of u * x
  12. fife_girl

    suicidal :( :( :(

    i cnt stop cryin... there is too much to explain ;( i just feel like i want to end everything ;( cant cope anymore... ;( u dnt need to comment...i dnt care ;(
  13. fife_girl

    Weired Celebrity crushes!

    this is my dream girl! shes gorgeous!!! if you look like her feel free to message me!! :P lol
  14. fife_girl

    we met up!!!!!!!!!!!

    well everyone who followed our anxious build up lol u will be pleased to hear we met up AND went for food!! i know scottish doesnt have sa but he is very understanding!! :) what a lovely guy! i had a great time!! im sooooo happy i never cancelecd!! :D :D we are going to meet up agin in...
  15. fife_girl

    meeting scottishpacfan now!!omg!

    hey im tryin to not freak out here so trying to keep my mind calm, hes on the train and im leaving in 10 mins to get mine!! cant believe im actually going through with this, im feeling kinda sick but iv got my ipod n book to try distract me on the train!! heeeelllllllpppppp!!! lol
  16. fife_girl

    post your tattoo pics!!

    heres a few, got 8 so far :)
  17. fife_girl

    post your tattoo pics!!

    any of you got any nice ink? anything with a special meaning? here are some of mine....i plan on getting loads more!! :D this was my own design :)
  18. fife_girl

    meeting scottishpacfan TOMORROW!!

    im feeling really really anxious :( i wont cancel though!! :s i wish it was tommorow night already and the meeting part was over lol
  19. fife_girl

    Childhood Picture Thread

    ok here is me as a baby lol.... hope these two pics work lol....HOW HAPPY DO I LOOK IN THE SECOND PIC?? HAHAHA...IF ONLY I WAS ALWAYS THAT HAPPY LOL
  20. fife_girl

    SA/AvPD island :D

    ok so im a little bored... one question... if i had an island and allowed all of you with SA or AvPD to come and live on my island (can leave n come bk when u please lol) would you move to live on it? to socialise with all your SA friends? have SA parties/groups/dinners? just have a good time...