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  1. worrywort


    Anyone have any thoughts on the Coronavirus? How are you all responding to it? What do you think's gonna happen next? I can't quite tell how seriously to take it. At first I thought everyone was overreacting, but now I think it's a bit more serious. The good news is that most people seem to...
  2. worrywort

    Is it possible to be happy alone?

    Do we really need others to be happy? Sometimes I come across people who live extremely isolated lives but they seem to be near blissful about it. Especially spiritual teachers and monks and people like that. They talk of just being content in your own skin. Simply being grateful for that, and...
  3. worrywort

    I feel like I constantly offend people

    Anyone else feel this way? If I don't "stop and chat", if I don't keep in touch, if I decline an invitation, if I ignore a Facebook request, if I'm not hospitable enough, if I fail to notice or comment upon something about another person; their new child, an engagement, a life event, If I...
  4. worrywort

    Perfect capture of how SA feels to me

    Just found this video and had to share. This is exactly how I feel in most social situations, except Mia is me and Sebastian is solitude.
  5. worrywort

    The nature of bullying. How do you deal with it?

    Any thoughts on bullying or situations when you don't feel adequately skilled in conversation to be able to stand up for yourself? How do you deal with bullying, whether it's the subtle taunting kind, or the extreme, physically abusive kind? Are there ways to deal with it without having to fight...
  6. worrywort

    Brexit - In or out?

    What do you reckon? Should the UK Leave the European Union or remain? Anyone have any thoughts? I know this one's mainly for the Brits, but I'd be interested to hear all opinions, wherever you're from. Especially other Europeans. I'm finding it surprisingly hard to decide. I keep swinging back...
  7. worrywort

    Do you find it hard to care about others?

    Sometimes I worry that I don't care enough about other people. There are people in my life who are struggling, but the thought of trying to help them drains me. It's like I have enough problems in my life, I'm not sure I have the strength to deal with their problems too. But I feel guilty if I...
  8. worrywort

    How much do you blame yourself for your situation?

    Or perhaps more importantly, how much do you think you should blame yourself, (if at all)? Often I look at my life and how much I lack real social experience compared to most people, and I feel pretty guilty about it. Like I'm morally at fault for ending up this way. But do you think this is...
  9. worrywort

    Fear of public humiliation

    Does anyone have any stories of times when they've been humiliated or ridiculed or bullied in public, that they'd like to share? Or does anyone have any insights about this fear? Like, what's the root cause, and how is the best way to deal with these situations? I was just cycling to work...
  10. worrywort

    What's worse: The Loneliness or the guilt?

    What do you think it is that makes you feel bad about your social difficulties? Is it the loneliness, or is there guilt involved? I know that sounds like a bleak question but I think it could be a potentially encouraging distinction to make because I think for me I've noticed that the guilt is...
  11. worrywort

    A personal work/moral problem

    No worries if I don't get any replies. I just have a little personal problem that's bothering me and thought I'd throw it out there. I'm in a tricky situation and I'm not sure what to do. I'm a cleaner at a school. There are 4 cleaners in total. The old caretaker of the school used to assume...
  12. worrywort

    How are you feeling this Christmas?

    I always find Christmas to be quite an emotional time. How's everybody else feeling this time of year? I hope you're all doing ok.
  13. worrywort

    SA=deepest, most complicated problem I have

    I had to decline another invite recently and the worry treadmill began predictably churning again deep in my gut. So I decided to try to unpack it, and I found that I have so many conflicting thoughts and impulses that it's no wonder I find it so troublesome. So I thought I'd list them all here...
  14. worrywort

    Why do you think you're alone?

    If you're like me and don't have many friends, and tend to avoid starting new relationships or getting too close to people, why do you think that is? I think I had a little revelation recently. I've been finding that when I look around at other people for potential friends and relationships...
  15. worrywort

    I hate people

    I'm beginning to worry about my levels of hatred towards other people. Anyone else have this problem? The number of people I come across that I actually respect and kinda like, seems to be diminishing as I age. Also the closer I get to people the more likely it seems I'll end up hating them...
  16. worrywort

    Ice Bucket Challenge

    Has anybody been challenged to do this? What do you think of it all?
  17. worrywort

    Meeting people is easy

    Just found a refreshing honest article here - why is it so ****ing hard to meet people? Some may find it helpful
  18. worrywort

    Yearning for connection?

    Does anybody else have this feeling in their chest sometimes? What do you do about it? Where does it come from? EDIT: Further thoughts I want to understand the nature of connection. What is this thing that draws human beings together? I'd like to know how people make sense of these desires...
  19. worrywort

    Post your SA experiences

    Sorry if there's already a thread like this, I couldn't find one, but I think it's a good thing to vent after experiencing socially anxious situations that we may have found ourselves in. I also find it helpful and comforting reading other people's experiences too. So feel free to tell your...
  20. worrywort

    Regret after cutting people off?

    I haven't been on here for a while but really felt the need to vent. I'm feeling very much in need of some major forgiveness right now! I've been thinking a lot about life lately, what's most important, and what I'll regret the most at the end of it, and my heart keeps returning to...