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  1. mrb

    leaving this place

    love you all , but must move on gazza .. ;) hope you all find what your looking for .......
  2. mrb

    is it possible .....

    now iv often wondered about this , is it possible that sa is caused by something bad that happened to you in a former life :confused: there are all kinds of phobias , fear of people , fear of being outdoors , fear of being in a room thats crowded ect , maybes something happened to you in another...
  3. mrb

    post something you like about yourself

    iv got a body like a greek god :D
  4. mrb


    did you have a nick name as a kid growing up :confused: i did , it was shut up , i grew up thinking my name was shut up :confused: ...... anyways did you have a nick name , was it a cruel nick name , do you think it affected you growing up , do you think your sa is worse or caused by it ....i...
  5. mrb

    was i naughty ?

    i just went to a new cafe on my bike and had a full english breakfast on the sea front , id eaten it all but 1 hash brown , now there was this seagull looking at me , so i threw it the hash brown , needless to say it grabbed it and flew away , with that this woman came out of the cafe and said...
  6. mrb

    cups .....

    are any of you obsessive over anything that you own :confused: now my mate at work always drinks his tea in the morning out of the same cup , the other day i was using his cup when he came into work , he freaked he said oi :mad: that my cup why are you drinking out of my cup , i said well i just...
  7. mrb

    nuff said

    YouTube - Survivor - Burning heart (Rocky IV) HQ .........:cool:
  8. mrb


    now iv just flew back from ireland , now on the plane i sat down and started reading my paper , well pretending to read my paper cos i cant read :) anyways this lady sat next to me about oh i dunno about 30ish and started talking to me , saying oh hi she was rather drunk she said were have you...
  9. mrb

    when was the last time

    you lost your temper :mad: .... mine was over an hour ago , i was running downstairs barefoot , and as i ran into the front room i smashed my big toe against the door edge , needless to say i wasnt very happy , in fact i was so annoyed i swore and kicked the door with my other foot , now my...
  10. mrb

    long but worth reading ..

    May 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · It’s been all over the news this week, a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics finds a connection between pesticides on food and ADHD. This is not new news to many of us in the alternative health field — I’ve known this information for more than 20 years. It’s...
  11. mrb

    would you marry for money

    now today we moved this woman , she was about 22 very chatty , quite good looking , she moved out of a tiny rented house with her 3 small children , we loaded up all her furniture and she gave us the address to go to , so we drove there , when we got there our eyes nearly popped out of our heads...
  12. mrb

    may the lord forgive us

    right now im pretty sure you lot and me have done something wrong in the eyes of our lord :) now here is the thread to ask for forgiveness :) ill start shall i ..... dear lord please forgive my weekend drunkeness , i dont mean to do it , but theres lots of offers on at the off licence at mo , im...
  13. mrb

    does anyone know this guy ?

    YouTube - ‪Insane Driver!!!!‬‎ is this sa at its worse ?
  14. mrb

    sa girls get down

    YouTube - ‪Melbourne Shuffle Compilation: Girls Can Shuffle 3 [HD] TRACKLIST RELEASED !!‬‎! sa dont mean you cant dance ....... whoooooo get down :D
  15. mrb

    pics from lourds trip

    now we went to france with our lorry to pick up medical stuff from calais train station , if you click on the small pics to blow them up you will see the people that have come back from lourds all praying for a miracle , to get cured of there illness , quite heart breaking dont you think ...
  16. mrb

    is this an sa cure ?

    now i was moving some people today nice old lady bit deaf made us all lots of cups of tea , we got some cake as well , carrot cake i think it was :confused: um it didnt have carrots init or anything so i dont know why they call it carrot cake :confused: anyways more to the point , when we moved...
  17. mrb

    sa and aggression

    now i see a lot of things on here , posts threads ect :confused: i was born here , i grew up here , my mum gave birth to me here , my dad made my mum pregnant here , you get the picture yes :) anyways , i just wondered why so many people lose there cool on here :confused: ... we all have a diff...
  18. mrb

    when was the last time ?

    you can say something really cheered you up , made you laugh forgot about your troubles if only for 5 min :) mine was today this woman came up to me and asked for the directions to a street ... i said hmmm ok this is quite difficult to explain but ill try , oh hang on you got a pen :confused...
  19. mrb

    god im board ...

    my mind is turning to mush , amuse me someone please :)
  20. mrb

    how often ?

    do you look at other people on the street and wish you were them , it might be an expensive car you cant afford , or there clothes , or looks , or just sitting in a cafe and watching how confident they are with people ......