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  1. SoScared

    Being your Best

    I’m working on some SA issues firstly via a CBT therapist and more recently via some threads on SPW. In many respects my progress has been nothing short of astounding…however. I often still kind of lose it. A couple of personal examples are. a) I can be in a shop and all is going well. I step...
  2. SoScared

    What do you do when walking down a street?

    I’m interested to know what you do when you are walking down the street. Where do you look, what do think about? do you act in a particular way on purpose? How do normal people walk down the street?
  3. SoScared

    Being Self-Defeatist

    I’m working on some issues and posting in the SA part of this forum. But I wonder if you can help me on this. My issue is that I tend to look at people but with the aid of CBT and some comments via this forum it’s getting better. However, my main issue is one on one situation with people in the...
  4. SoScared

    How not to accept stimulus's

    Hello, I wonder if anybody has any thoughts or insights to help me. I frequently experience anxiety in similar repetitive situations. I am getting better at handling it by telling myself 'just not to accept' the stimulus. That said I often do experience that frontal forehead pressure that...