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  1. Megaten

    Elavil for depression

    Ok, so instead of offering me some counselling or even actually talking for more than 10 minutes, I get loaded up with meds. I know most here are adamantly against them. But does anyone have experiences with Elavil? Good or bad? Im hoping it doesnt make me gain a lot of weight as Im already a...
  2. Megaten

    Seems like nothing changes

    I usually try to keep a positive outlook on life and bounce back from setbacks. But at times when a low hits, it hits hard, and I start to wonder what the point of even trying to better myself would be. To be honest I dont think my social skills have really improved that much, at least not in...
  3. Megaten

    The things we hear

    I just saw these videos and found them interesting. A know a lot of us have some issues because of the pressures society has put on us. We feel judged for being who we are and as a result feel anxiety in the face of any sort of self expression. I think a lot of times we can forget that both men...
  4. Megaten

    Post what you cannot say

    All I really wanted was to make new friends. And to fix the mistakes I made in the past.
  5. Megaten

    Post what you cannot say

    I wont lie, being male rocks. Unless you accidentally pitch a tent in church and its time to stand up for just cant come back from that.
  6. Megaten

    Post what you cannot say

    I wish you knew me as well as you seem to think you do. Or at least ask me before assuming.
  7. Megaten

    Appearing confident when youre not

    Hey peeps, I've been away for a while but I came across an article that was too interesting to keep to myself. I've had my therapist tell me time and time again to not talk to people with my arms crossed, as it comes off as defensive and makes others uneasy. But I will still do it as I dont know...
  8. Megaten

    Knowing first names

    I've just recently noticed something about myself that I never realized was an issue. I hardly ever remember the first names of people I meet. I didnt dawn on me until Ive started to notice that people who I've either just met or didnt even notice seem to know me by name. Is this just me or is...
  9. Megaten


    I would have at one time been the first person to argue against such a claim, but if anything the last few months and now my new job has taught me is that it's dangerous to be nice to someone at first meeting. Being nice tells people they can find a way to either screw you around or not take you...