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  1. Srijita52

    How are you feeling?

    Exhausted. Doing things that I'm scared of all day, like calling people, dealing with difficult people, is exhausting. I think I need a break because it's just becoming too overwhelming. So I think I'll just take a break and step back for a week. But first I have to get through this week.
  2. Srijita52

    How are you feeling?

    Relieved. It's over and it went well. The most important thing is I could tolerate the anxiety and perform decently despite being anxious.
  3. Srijita52

    How are you feeling?

    I'm really anxious right now, probably at an 8. Have a public speaking thing in an hour. Just trying to be with the anxiety and ride it out.
  4. Srijita52

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    For me, a big one is that I'm inferior to others. I can't depend on others People are always judging me harshly Other people are dangerous
  5. Srijita52

    How are you feeling?

    Exhausted I guess. It's tiring to keep pushing my limits. I just wish I could stop and take a breather. Just a little more I guess. Till then I have to find tiny windows here and there. I think I should actually take a moment to also stop and think about how difficult it has been to live with...
  6. Srijita52

    How are you feeling?

    Anxious, overwhelmed. I have to interact with people a lot lately because of work related reasons. It has forced me to finally face my fears. Been trying to manage it by breaking it down to small goals and trying to meet them everyday. The whole process is still pretty draining though and I feel...
  7. Srijita52

    The positive thread

    Had a video chat with a group of people who I had perceived as intimidating and thought were ignoring me. They turned out to be friendly and welcoming once I approached them.
  8. Srijita52

    The positive thread

    I was able to catch some overly harsh internal dialogue and made a decision to be kinder on myself. I tried to cheer myself up after that by taking care of myself. :)
  9. Srijita52

    The positive thread

    I got up early enough to have breakfast. I have my schedule set up for the day and I had made some necessary calls.
  10. Srijita52

    Help me figure out the symptoms of social anxiety

    I'm trying to write down the things that I need to work on but I'm having a hard time to articulate. I know its different for everyone but I want to know all of your perspectives. Here's mine- I have anxiety in general, it might not be related to social anxiety though. I have a really soft...
  11. Srijita52

    Who's more brave?

    I was thinking about courage today randomly and it occured to me how its kind of subjective. Just wondering, whom would you consider braver? The person who has no problems with anxiety (not more than usual) and takes part in dangerous activites or does them for a living or the person who's...
  12. Srijita52

    I need some advice

    So the study group I'm in are going for a picnic. My classmates and specially the teacher insisting that I should go. Now the reason I don't want to go is, everyone has a solid group of friends here while I have none so I'm afraid once we're there everyone is going to hang out with their...
  13. Srijita52

    Should I talk to my psychology teacher about social anxiety?

    Lately my anxiety's been getting really worse or maybe it seems worse because I'm actively trying to deal with it. And then there're these depression episodes when I just don't want to get up from bed. The thing is I also have a very busy schedule where I have to be around people constantly. So...
  14. Srijita52

    What is "normal"?

    I think most of us have been accused of not being 'normal' one time or another. Atleast that has been the case for me quite a few times, I've also used the word normal a lot too, without thinking too much. But I wonder, what does this "normal" mean and what does a "normal person" seem like...
  15. Srijita52

    Post what you cannot say

    I wish I had a friend whom I could talk to at the end of the day when I'm feeling worthless or depressed. Whom I could share my feelings with, who wouldn't tell me to grow up or stop whining or change the topic into something more positive or happy, just listen to what I have to say and be there...
  16. Srijita52

    Post what you cannot say

    Why can't I just move on? :(
  17. Srijita52

    I have a question

    I think I'm going through a particularly low phase of my life at the moment. Although I'm trying to put myself into social situations, do my best despite of feeling low. It'll take a while though before I can do all these things on a fairly consistent basis. As for now, there're times when I...
  18. Srijita52

    How to stop overthinking

    Does anyone have any tips on how to stop overthinking about everything or atleast control it? I tend to overthink a lot even about the sillies mistakes, most ridiculous comments, perceived criticisms or just anything in general. It usually ends up with me either being really depressed or awfully...
  19. Srijita52

    How can I stop feeling so worthless?

    Okay I know I've really bad social skills, I can't hold a decent conversation, awful at making eye contacts, I've got really bad body language too and I need to work on them and a few other things as well. Its only natural that people won't want to talk to me that much, it makes sense, why would...
  20. Srijita52

    How do I stop being so uh hypersensitive?

    I don't know if its the correct term. I'm just getting sick of people telling me all the time that I need to stop being so sensitive and the worst thing is I know its true! I'm super sensitive even to the slightest criticism even when I know its abosolutely irrelevant. It can ruin my entire day...