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  1. Da Kid

    This is goodbye (more then likely)

    Before I go into a rant, no I'm not suicidal lol. On the contrary, I feel that life is really starting to look up for me. In the past few months, things have really gone well. I've left the High School that I hated, and all the people with their judgments and such behind me. I got a job as a bus...
  2. Da Kid

    So Frustrated

    Kinda pissed off right now. Anyway, I was just out looking for work, and I went to a super market and went to costumer service desk. Their was this fairly hot girl who was around my age working behind the counter, whom I told that I was looking for work. She told me to apply online, and said she...
  3. Da Kid

    A bit overdue, but

    I would like to introduce myself Hi :), I'm a young adult whose had some issues in his life. I don't know exactly if I have SA, but I have had my fair share of social problems throughout my life, and this forum seems like an appealing place to talk to people who have similar problems and to see...
  4. Da Kid

    I dunno what to do

    Not trying to go on a crazy rant to a bunch of people I don't know, but I feel kinda bad and would appreciate whatever advice I can get from people. Anyway: I'm 18 years old, finishing up High School at a school of about 700 total people. I was made fun of all throughout elementary school...