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    A.d.i.d.a.s -------

    All day I dream about sex. Anyone else? Maybe its my age hehe. Seriously though, I hate this. Discuss, you horny *******s :thumbup: Maybe this will be one of those threads that never dies :)
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    Anybody vape here?

    Anybody vape here? Lets fog up this board, yeah, hotbox this shit!
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    Scrotal Cysts (I know, ****, but srs)

    Anyone else here have any, if so did ya get em removed? Just one more ****in thing that will make me anxious if I manage to get close to a girl
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    Hey 150 guests, and the 4 guys viewing the trash

    I'm the only member on right now so Ill give yall a shoutout and some advice. If you're browsing this site you should probably just join. Just sayin. Cheers
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    I (people like us) need a job

    I'm 18 with no high school diploma. I need a job to become independent from my mom, but I can't because of my anxiety, I couldn't get my education so, my question is -- how THE **** am I supposed to find work and hold down a job? Could anybody maybe share their stories with me? It could help...