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  1. Moses199

    What are ALL your SA core beliefs?

    What are every single SA core beliefs you have? throw them all! you might even find a core belief you didn't know know you have. If you don't know how to find your core beliefs look up "cbt laddering technique" excersise to find your core beliefs. Mine are - people get socially uncomfortable...
  2. Moses199

    What are reason a girl would not want to date a nice stranger?

    What are reasons a girl would not want to date a nice stranger? I'm darkskin black and i get reject alot by outside race women. Not to sound arrogant but I'm considered great looking for my race because alot of girls in my race like me and make moves. However i don't have same response with...
  3. Moses199

    What are the negative effect of recieving money you don't deserve?

    I want to succeed in my business but currently i have an offer for $1K (i don't have to pay them back) because they want to help me. However I don't need it because i can generate the same amount of income from my business so no problem. However it tempting me A LOTTTT. I feel if this offer...
  4. Moses199

    Any Biracials mixed w/black in california?

    I'm personally not but there is so many where i'm from almost more than full blks. Just asking i feel lonely out here.
  5. Moses199

    Do you find everything painfully boring?

    This called Anedhdonia basically things becoming boring as hell that was once interesting which is sad. I had this problem when i was on Risperdal. Wanted to commuit suicide for how boring everything became such an unappealing feeling. Do adderal it makes things interesting. Let me know how it...
  6. Moses199

    How many affirmations do you use?

    I heard you're only supposed to use 1 affirmation for each round. Is this true? My affirmation: "I'm free from what they think of me"
  7. Moses199

    How long Nardil took to work for you?

    Longest i've heard was 4 month from a guy who started at low dose and increased his dose incrementally each month
  8. Moses199

    I can kiss girls within 5 seconds

    I'm talking about chicks who are complete strangers and are extremely great looking. I have probably the severest SA here. The fact people won't believe me is the best part lol It took me almost 7 years to build up techniques and understandings to allow these fast make outs. The trick: Don't...
  9. Moses199

    Anyone a computer programmer from SoCal?

    Hey i'm looking to connect with SAers in SoCal who are computer programmers from. I'm looking to make new friends with folks who have same interest. We can help each other overcome SA and grow our careers! I believe in myself when i say i will overcome this :)
  10. Moses199

    Saying cognitive statments in a safe place?

    Does this work? I thought it's best to say rational statements when you are in a provoking situation in order to diffuse it. I LITERALLY don't understand how will saying them off-situation help...PLEASE someone explain, really curious to know...
  11. Moses199

    San Diego

    Helloo san diegooooo
  12. Moses199

    Do you believe people can read your mind?

    If you believe people can LITERALLY hear your thoughts or know what you are thinking then you should join our Facebook group to get support and share wishes!
  13. Moses199

    Anyone from san diego?

    Hello San Diego! Always been curious how many SA suffers are from here
  14. Moses199

    Los Angeles

    Anyone in LA?? Really interested in meeting someone with this condition. My first time, it will be exciting!
  15. Moses199

    How much has rational-thinking strategies worked for you?

    I see quite often see methods of rational statements/thinking. How much have they worked on treating your SA (alot OR moderately successful)??
  16. Moses199

    Are you still afraid of the opposite sex?

    I'm just curious has anyone overcame their SA of the opposite (OR same) sex? I'm a male and have bad SA around girls. It's hard for me to just have a regular convo with females. With guys i virtually feel zero anxiety and say whatever i want. I have never had a real female friend, only guy...
  17. Moses199

    Extreme boredom with Resperdal

    I've been taking Risperdal for 1 month now with no success yet. In the last 2 weeks I got a new side effect that is extreme boredom. This side effect make everything excruciatingly boring, in turn making me depressed. It hard to bare and I don't want it to become permanent. Therefore should i...
  18. Moses199

    Are Antisychotic and SSRI combinations bad?

    Before starting I must say I have very tiny experience with meds. I have SA and a sever anger problem. I've been taking risperdal for a week to combat the anger problem and i think it's working slightly. However I'm thinking of adding Prozac to for my SA but not sure if this will lead to bad...
  19. Moses199

    Can prescription meds work after symptoms are made worst?

    I heard a guy with social phobia who studied neurology say that sometimes meds make symptoms worst for short while but the symptoms will eventually subside and meds will start working. Is this true? Let me explain more... for example you have schizophrenia and take newly subscribed meds for the...
  20. Moses199

    Has your fear of the opposite sex disappeared?

    I am a 24y/o Male. My social anxiety has always been worse around women since childhood. Therefore i've always had more guy friends. I never had female friend that i hanged out with. I want to know, has anyone with this opposite-sex fear had there problem go away overtime? and, how did it go away?