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  1. lily

    post your crush on the Forum :)

  2. lily

    CHRISTIAN discussion

    Hi all, this is where I'll probably discuss Christianity, Christ the Lord and other Christians can do the same and I can also discuss any questions others have but I will not reply to posts that are flaming Christ but only genuine questions and I should note that I'm around an intermediate...
  3. lily

    Virtual education

    hi there was a thread like this on another forum. I'm taking courses online during the Covid-19 and variants year and I enjoy it but I am suffering badly right now I've prayed about it and can only do my best and my course has ended though but I'd like to take more :(
  4. lily

    Write something nice about what you think about someone on this Forum

    this thread is for writing something nice about what you think about someone on this forum, past or present members: LA-girl, she is very knowledgeable spiritually and was nice to me and trustworthy Mary, she was higher in spirituality than I was and was trustworthy Ads7800, He was kind...
  5. lily

    Don't (try not to) dwell on the bad but look at all the good

    I hope this helps!
  6. lily

    Very lonely :(

    Very lonely, I want quality and compatible friends. I don't have enough of friends. I also am not feeling well. I went out recently and got a virus, but I don't think it's any of the Corona viruses. I haven't been having a good start to the new year. I want consolation, replies.
  7. lily

    interesting PM addition!

    I thought it was interesting that you can invite up to 4 members into your conversation with another individual. :)
  8. lily

    I feel rejected when I open up about myself...

    I feel rejected when I open up about myself online and as a result i feel very lonely. I also feel that I help and cheer other people up but others don't think to help me like I don't need any help, only you. There's only very few people who have not rejected me online and I appreciate them very...
  9. lily

    how come I can't delete threads in the PM box to clear space?

    what if it becomes full? is it unlimited?
  10. lily

    What r you grateful for?

    List all the things you're grateful for.. I'll go first. I'm grateful for having a loving family (not everyone's perfect though) and for having shelter, clothes, coats, recreational stuff like ice skates. I also have badminton rackets and those birdies to hit it with that I enjoyed playing...
  11. lily

    New Year's resolution!

    I know it's a little early to write this but I'm bored right now. So what r your New Year's resolution! it can be one, two or a lot of things!
  12. lily

    Are there going to be more smiley's on the forum?

    ..just wondering as i see a lot of smiley's on other forums.
  13. lily

    i would like to see a fake large North pole and gingerbread house with events

    how about you? wouldn't that be cool?!
  14. lily


    i still don't know how to travel by airplane. i feel really insecure of navigating through the big airport which i find confusing. i just don't know how to do it bc my mom always does all the work and all i do is follow her (well except for the luggages). i don't know how slow i'd be at learning...
  15. lily

    do you like to groom yourself?

    I do LOL. I like combing my hair to get circulation and for it to look nicer. I like washing my face w/ a cleanser and using the facial scrub though sometimes I'm lazy.
  16. lily

    r you doing anything for x-mas?

    how r you going to spend it? I'm thinking of spending it w/ my family with x-mas music i like and perhaps hot chocolate. Once i made unsweetened cocoa powder in the oatmeal, it was so good! :) unsweetened almond or soy milk can be added to your hot chocolate too if you want to be healthy or just...
  17. lily

    do any of you have a middle name?

    I do and it starts with an 'I'. how about you?
  18. lily

    I like the chat feature...

    both the 1 on 1 and the altogether one. Would there be one on this forum?
  19. lily

    Has any of you gone shopping..

    and do you enjoy the Christmas season? i went on black Friday and got a really good deal with my black long jacket and nice and warm ice skates :) it's already like a Christmas gift to me!
  20. lily

    How SPW site has made me feel...

    I feel i want to leave this place and go to another forum bc i feel i get very little or no support, encouragement and response to my posts. I do give those to other people though so they might not feel like me. how do you all feel about this site?